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When Psych Diagnosis Means Life-or-Death

One label in the DSM that applies to cognitive abilities—“Intellectual Disabilities”—is crucial in determining whether people accused of crimes in some US states will be executed.

Psychiatry and the Selves We Might Become: An Interview with Sociologist...

MIA’s Ayurdhi Dhar interviews the well-known sociologist of medicine, Nikolas Rose, about the role psychiatry plays in shaping how we manage ourselves and our world.

Researchers Highlight Pitfalls of Cognitive Assessment in Schools

Historical, current, and potential future complexities of cognitive assessment; a longstanding, controversial fixture in schools throughout the United States.

Psychology Textbooks Promote Misinformation About Intelligence

In a new study, researchers examined 29 popular introduction to psychology textbooks and found that almost 80% included misinformation about intelligence.

The Myth of the 30 IQ Point “Communication Range”

From Neuroskeptic: The idea that two people who have an IQ difference of more than 30 points cannot communicate with one another is not based...

How Avocados and Nuts Could Boost Intelligence

From Medical News Today: A new study suggests that higher levels of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) in the bloodstream are correlated with greater general intelligence in...

Critical Thinking Skills are More Important Than IQ

From The British Psychological Society: A recent study found that critical thinking skills are a better predictor of one's ability to make wise, effective life...

Is the US Education System Producing a Society of Smart Fools?

From Scientific American: According to Cornell University psychologist Robert Sternberg, the U.S. education system is entirely focused on developing and rewarding students' analytic intelligence -...