Is the US Education System Producing a Society of Smart Fools?


From¬†Scientific American: According to Cornell University psychologist Robert Sternberg, the U.S. education system is entirely focused on developing and rewarding students’ analytic intelligence – the type of intelligence reflected in IQ scores¬†and standardized test scores – at the expense of teaching other types of intelligence such as real-life problem solving, ethics, and creativity. Because of this, our society¬†is producing scientists and researchers who are good forward incrementers, but not redirectors or reinitiators who are capable of creating innovation in their field.

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  1. 1912 Eighth Grade Examination for Bullitt County Schools

    Are we raising the stupidest generation in American history? The statistics that you are about to read below are incredibly shocking. They indicate that U.S. high school students are basically as dumb as a rock. As you read the rest of this article, you will be absolutely amazed at the things that U.S. high school students do not know.

    Instead of producing the leaders of tomorrow, our education system is producing a bunch of sheep that are trained to take orders and that are pretty good at taking multiple choice tests.

    Its all by design, the ruling class wants the serfs as dumb as possible.

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