In a PBS documentary, ECT Is Bad for “Curing” Homosexuality, but...

A new documentary about gay activists' defeat of the APA ends with a disclaimer that ECT is "effective" for severe depression. Bruce Levine spoke with the filmmakers.

Exercise for Youth Mental Health in the Lockdown: Interview with Psychologist...

School Psychologist Scott Greenspan discusses how to promote exercise and mental wellbeing for adolescents stuck indoors during the pandemic.

Finding a Therapist Who Understands Oppression and Intersectionality

From The Establishment: "...research on race-matching in therapy suggests that for some clients, sharing a minoritized identity with a therapist may reduce guardedness, mistrust, and self-consciousness....

Being Transgender is No Longer a Mental Illness

From Newsweek: "The World Health Organization no longer considers gender incongruence—a condition experienced by some transgender people—as a mental disorder. The United Nations health agency...

Protecting the LGBT Community is Good Health Policy

From The Hill: Research shows that LGBT individuals experience higher rates of physical and mental health problems than heterosexual people. Legislative policies that protect the rights of...

Queer History – It’s Not Always Straight Forward!

From Standpoints: The profession of psychology has played a significant role in the erasure of queer history due to its historical pathologization of queer identities. "A...

Study Confirms Higher Suicide Risk for Sexual Minority Adolescents

Researchers report that sexual minority adolescents have considered, planned, and attempted suicide substantially more than their heterosexual peers.

Why I See a Black Queer Therapist

In this essay for them, Steven W. Thrasher describes how seeking treatment from a black queer therapist has helped him heal from the emotional distress and trauma...

Our Sexualized Culture and the Prejudiced Roots of Psychiatry

The problem with the DSM is that it not only pathologizes asexuality, but also pathologizes the distress asexual people feel due to marginalization and prejudice. In attributing people’s distress to their lack of sexual attraction or interest, rather than their environment, psychiatry fails to recognize oppression.

Conversion Therapy Ban Will Get a Vote in Palm Beach County

From the Sun Sentinel: Palm Beach County is drafting regulations prohibiting therapists from practicing conversion therapy to try to change a child's sexual orientation. Palm Beach...

More and More States Are Outlawing Gay-Conversion Therapy

From The Atlantic: States are increasingly moving to ban gay conversion therapy, restricting licensed mental-health practitioners including psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers from practicing any...

LGBT Pride and the Soul: An Essay by Edward Santana

From Routledge: In his recent book Jung and Sex, Edward Santana explores the role that therapists can play in illuminating and deepening human complexities as well as addressing the...

The History of Psychiatry and Gay Conversion Therapy

From The Huffington Post: Like religion, psychiatry has played a major role in oppressing LGBTQ individuals throughout history. "Once psychiatry comes along we get horrible “treatments”...

“The Problem With Psych Meds and LGBT People”

In an Op-Ed for The Advocate, activist Ally Nugent relates her experience of post-acute withdrawal syndrome and says that our mental health institutions disproportionately...