Friday, September 29, 2023

Petition to Retract Fraudulent STAR*D Report

MIA has set up a petition on that calls for retraction of the STAR*D article published in the Am J of Psychiatry that fraudulently reported a cumulative remission rate of 67% and hid the very poor one-year results. Sign the petition here

Remembrances of Linda Andre, Leader in the Fight Against ECT

Psychiatric survivors and allies mourn ECT activist and author Linda Andre and vow to continue her legacy.
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Report on Improving Mental Health Outcomes

The report is intended to be used to advocate for the elimination of unwanted psychiatric interventions and to promote humane, effective, voluntary approaches.

Awais Aftab Responds to the STAR*D Scandal . . . And Digs a New Hole for Psychiatry

The STAR*D scandal is about how psychiatry peddled a fabricated result to the public, and now Aftab, in his latest post, has added a whopper of his own to the STAR*D story.
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Critical Psychiatry Textbook, Chapter 14: Psychotherapy and the Role of Psychologists

Peter Gøtzsche discusses how the textbooks barely mention the role of psychotherapy and therapists, instead focusing almost entirely on pharmacotherapy.

The Strength in Sensitivity: Becoming a “Borderline” Psychotherapist

I'm a licensed psychotherapist in private practice. I'm also diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

Giving Caregivers a Platform: Chandra, Mother of Sophia

This is the story of Chandra and her daughter Sophia (not their real names), who has been in the mental health system since the age of 10.


Priorities for Future Research on Reducing and Stopping Psychiatric Medicines (PROTECT) study Round 2 survey is now LIVE and will run until mid-October. Please participate here

Walk With Me by Michael Skinner

Art, Poetry, and Humor Galleries

View the artwork, poetry, and humor galleries and submit your work here!

Psych Cake
By Anne Watmough


The STAR*D Scandal: Scientific Misconduct on a Grand Scale

The American Journal of Psychiatry Needs to Retract Study That Reported Fraudulent Results

MIA Global News

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