Irritable Bowel Syndrome Linked to Psychiatric Conditions


A review published by Romanian and German researchers in the Journal of Molecular Psychiatry suggests that many psychiatric conditions have strong links to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). The researchers state that IBS affects approximately 11% of the global population, while it has been found in 54-94% of people seeking treatment for psychiatric disorders (though the review does not separately count those already taking psychiatric medications). “Gastrointestinal symptoms have been recognized to occur in relation to fear, anxiety and stress,” note the researchers, adding that IBS in turn has been shown to cause “visceral hypersensitivity” and alter brain matter density. They overview the current evidence linking specific psychiatric conditions and IBS, and discuss biological and brain mechanisms that may account for the strong interactive relationship.

The relationship between irritable bowel syndrome and psychiatric disorders: from molecular changes to clinical manifestations (Fadgyas-Stanculete, Mihaela et al. Journal of Molecular Psychiatry 2014, 2:4 doi:10.1186/2049-9256-2-4)




  1. As I said on another post, the “bipolar imperialists” like Nassir Ghaemi and his cohorts with their “bipolar mania/babble” world agenda exposed by Dr. David Healy in his book, Mania, and many articles, are trying to annex just about every bogus DSM stigma into their bipolar concentration camp of lifelong psychiatric slaves forced on lethal drugs to include just about everyone on the planet. Thus, it is very disheartening to see that they are now hijacking stress/trauma related physical symptoms like IBS mostly suffered by women to annex to their never ending bipolar fad fraud. It’s a total no win because now they are annexing anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, borderline and now IBS into their horrific bipolar nightmare as supposed symptoms. Ghaemi has even claimed that he doesn’t even need to see mood swings for him to falsely accuse someone of being bipolar, which shows the absurdity of the never ending bipolar expansionism.

    So, anyone seeing some well known stressor, trauma, illness or some less than perfect behavior in any article that claims that this problem is now psychiatric and you see the word, “bipolar,” beware!!

    Obviously, women especially should never tell their doctors they have IBS because they will just be jerked around and tortured while their doctors will admit there is no cure while denying the victims’ trauma and life stressors to blame the victims. Now, to add insult to injury, they will say the usual, “it’s all in your head,” but add, “It’s bipolar.” And everyone knows that women and children are the main targets of psychiatry for obvious reasons.

    This is just another attempt to medicalize a well known stress/trauma symptom that is suffered by mostly women, which is no surprise in this increasingly sexist, misogynist country thanks to the hijacking of our government by the right wing and its crony capitalism, which includes the biopsychiatry/Big Pharma cartel.

    Here is an article exposing what most doctors lie and deny if you google IBS:

    If you do google IBS, the great authorities will say they don’t know what causes it, but pretend it is some physical defect and have even invented some life threatening drugs to supposedly alleviate the symptoms!

    Anyway, I suffered from IBS for some time and consulted so called medical experts including gastroenterologists who jerked me around, prescribed deadly drugs that I avoided thanks to research, many useless, painful tests, etc.

    Finally, after more research, I realized that just eliminating the narcissistic/psychopathic abusers and bullies in my life cured my IBS like magic. Haven’t had a problem with IBS for years now since I’ve learned the warning signs of such predators! So much for the great supposed brain related disorder, disordered muscles, etc. After finding that many experts knew/know that IBS is caused by stress/trauma in many books and other sources, I realized that doctors and other so called experts were deliberately denying the truth to exploit me and collude with their fellow abusers in power.

    Caveat Emptor!

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  2. Here a therapist tries to enlighten others about a new epidemic they are encountering in their offices:

    Isn’t there something evil, cowardly and vile that psychiatry deliberately preys on, blames and stigmatizes the victims of narcissistic and psychopathic abuse while aiding and abetting their fellow abusers to completely retraumatize and destroy the victims?

    Trauma/abuse experts like Dr. Judith Herman, Dr. Aphrodite Matsakis, Dr. Frank Ochberg, Dr. Carole Warshaw and others have exposed this tendency to blame the victims with the so called “mental health” profession the worst offenders in that they force life destroying stigmas and toxic drugs on survivors that will make it all the more difficult if not impossible to cope and survive. This is called a betrayal bond by Dr. Patrick Carnes and is a gross abuse of power that
    further shatters the trust of those seeking help in the medical, legal and other professions as also described in Dr. Janov-Bulman’s book, Shattered Assumptions:

    But alas, psychiatry does not recognize/admit any social, relationship or other stressors/traumas as a deliberate ploy to blame the victims of their fellow abusers in power and to profit from their suffering at the same time as their fellow abusers.

    Thus, to pretend that a stress/trauma symptom is a “mental illness” or “bipolar” is simply one more of many psychiatric crimes against humanity and women/children in particular in keeping with psychiatry’s ongoing sordid history of human rights violations.

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  3. The trauma and stressor component of the two supposed independent and genetic diseases is denied on purpose and by people completely sucked in. I was with someone who had IBS and thought she had to avoid mania like the plague, and she got calmer and calmer and people started to notice. She talked to an old boyfriend who worked as a psych tech, and back she went to being a nervous wreck and we broke up. Proof erased. He was straight-up Left.

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