Stimulants Double Adverse Cardiovascular Events in Children


In what they describe as the first large-scale, long-term, nation-wide study of its kind, Danish researchers have confirmed that ADHD stimulants double the risk of adverse cardiovascular events in children. In their study published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology, the researchers followed over 700,000 children born in Denmark between 1990 and 1999. “Cardiovascular events were rare but twice as likely in stimulant users as in non-users, both in the total national population and in children with ADHD,” they concluded. “We found a complex, time- and dose-dependent interrelationship between cardiovascular adverse events and stimulant treatment in children and adolescents.”

“This study confirms the small but real risk we have understood for some time through prior reports and clinical experience,” the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology said in a press release. “But Dalsgaard et al.’s excellent design and the robust sample size make it abundantly clear that treating clinicians cannot ignore existing guidelines concerning the assessment of cardiac risk prior to treatment and monitoring key vital signs during the course.”

Cardiovascular Safety of Stimulants in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Nationwide Prospective Cohort Study (Dalsgaard, Søren et al. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology. Volume 24, Number 6, 2014. DOI: 10.1089/cap.2014.0020)

Does psychostimulant use increase cardiovascular risk in children with ADHD? (Press Release, EurekAlert!, June 26, 2014)


  1. The article below is by a psychologist who came to see that the bogus ADHD stigma was being used to target disadvantaged children in less than ideal living conditions who had no brain abnormalities whatever at birth. Their problems were based on poverty and other very negative environmental, social conditions. Moreover, whenever so called ADHD experts claimed to have found brain abnormalities in children they stigmatized as ADHD, it was found that the drugs caused the brain shrinkage shown and not the bogus ADHD label. The same was true of stunted growth caused by the kiddie cocaine. Moreover, it was found that children with later birthdays or younger ones in classes were tagged as ADHD based on their expected lesser maturity than their older classmates. And so the fraud goes on and on……………….

    As the author says, the NIMH and other government so called health agencies collude with the 1% in power to promote bogus genetic theories that have been repeatedly debunked by what Dr. Jay Joseph calls The Gene Illusion and The Missing Gene to justify blaming the victims of growing inequality, oppression, injustice, misogyny, racism, pollution, toxic food and other destructive anti-life conditions inflicted by the current robber barons. That our government colludes with the biopsychiatry fascist agenda to destroy countless lives with known destructive, ostracizing, voted in stigmas to push the latest lethal drugs and other psychiatric lobotomies like ECT and others on those in emotional distress from traumatic life conditions shows that we no longer live in democracy, but rather a fascist therapeutic state like Stalinist Russia as Dr. Thomas Szasz exposed.

    And the fact that our country has now made children the greatest, most lucrative Big Pharma target to line the pockets of politicians and others in power with billions leaving a trail of destroyed lives behind them shows that psychopaths are now running the show globally and that the majority have lost their moral compass to either collude with such dangerous predation on our children or passively go along as with the Nazi and other holocausts.

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  2. I was taught as a child not to use amphetamines / speed, now psychiatrists are forcing millions of children onto them. It’s just appalling.

    And Donna, the ADHD symptoms also targets gifted children:

    And the social workers in the middle class neighborhoods are targeting and trying to get the kids who get in the 100th percentile on their state standardized tests in the middle class neighborhoods onto drugs – perhaps to reduce legitimate competition for the “psychopathic” “robber baron’s” kids?

    I know, because it happened to my child. Thankfully, my child didn’t show any signs of ADHD, and the social worker was forced to confess to this. But I ended up having to send my children to a boarding school because our middle class school district was “not equipped to deal with the gifted children.”

    What a shame our society is currently controlled by unjust and criminal psychopaths who have created an increasingly inequitable society, and unequal educational system. And how disconcerting those currently in charge use the exact same eugenics theories and make believe disease stigmatization methods as the Nazi’s did. I’m quite certain we have the wrong people in charge right now.

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  3. Awww, so it affects just a few huh?
    Oh well, the risk is small, so might as well drug them all. It seems to me that if it’s science,
    they could predict which kids would have risk.
    Perhaps that risk increases with sports activities, so maybe limit their activity? To suit the drug?

    Actually the studies even if exposing risks do little to stop labelling and drugging. Because in a way, all the studies are nothing but a diversion. It makes it look as if someone is interested in effects and risks, but really what is avoided is that it is abuse on a UN level.
    Children have no voice. The UN could not care about kids or this would be handled by them.
    A kid can’t even tell you if his heart feels funny. He can’t tell you if his brain feels funny or fuzzy.
    He has nothing to compare it to. We only develop this ability as we get much older.

    And so what if ADHD look different on scans? They have no clue what that difference does, what it means. Besides, differences in development are normal, and differences change over time, also we never know if event made change or other way around.
    There is NOTHING to be found on scans, except they can make it suit themselves.

    This is one more area that psychiatrists show their lack of ethics.

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    • It is also important to remember that the “differences on brain scans” are AVERAGES, not diagnostic indicators. And you’re right, of course, they could mean anything. But even if some so-called “ADHD” kids do have a different genetic presentation, SO WHAT? Tall people have different genes than short people, red haired people have different genes than blondes or brunettes, men have VASTLY different genetics in the XY chromosome area… genetic differences are the key to species survival!

      As for the heart events, this was being discussed way back in the mid 90s in antipsychiatry circles (see the “Ritalin Death” website), though it was massively denied by the mainstream. Now, once again, we find that the protesters were correct and the “professionals” were lying. Anyone see a pattern emerging here?

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      • Drugging kids for behaviours or learning styles is obscene, no matter what any scan presents. The drugs do not even affect only one minute area that is involved, it affects every cell in the body.
        Every child that does not learn as per our institutions should be given alternative environments. We don’t drug kids that can’t do gym.
        I don’t know of one child that does not respond to change in environment.
        I cannot even believe that I am witnessing these druggings of kids. I can’t believe this happens in a world that talks about freedoms.
        It is like something from the dark ages.
        Few to zero educated parents would agree to drugs for their kids brains.
        So it is preying on parents that either don’t know better, or feel oppressed by the system.
        Genetic differences and behaviours are not a disease or some kind of fault.

        We hear people say things like “Why is ADHD so on the rise?” …”Is it the inoculations?”
        This is what psychiatry has done. They drugged so many kids that it is causing people to take note of the sheer numbers of kids. Yet the people can’t seem to put two and two together, that it is not “on the rise”. It was psychiatry on the rise.
        They are simply drugging those kids that are not ideal as to the world created by psychiatry.
        It was insidious in it’s onset. We ALWAYS had variety, variety is not new, but some yahoo told us what normal is.
        If we do not deal with the drugging of kids, we will NEVER be able to deal with forced drugging of adults.
        They have infiltrated every nook and psychiatry lost it’s ability to reason so long ago, that they have themselves become the biggest danger in society.

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