Psychiatry’s Crisis May be Unsolvable


Even if The Lancet‘s attempts to forge a new vision in response to the crisis of confidence in medical psychiatry work (previously reported in MIA), it may not change much, argues University of Liverpool Health and Social Policy professor David Pilgrim in The Conversation.

Pilgrim reviews the history of modern psychiatry, psychology and social psychiatry in the UK, and concludes that the social conflicts and issues that brought these practices into their respective positions of power and authority still run rampant through society.

“These matters of coercive social control, of the necessity or otherwise of ‘mental health law,’ of ineffective and iatrogenic drug treatments (ones that actual cause illness or disease), of the shaping role of big pharma and of the choice between unique psycho-social formulations and creating categories of diagnosis, are unresolved and may be irresolvable,” argues Pilgrim. “These incorrigible features of the mental health industry will be there for the foreseeable future, whether or not the psychiatric profession succeeds in retaining its medical dominance.”

“Whoever runs the show, the central question remains: what is the point of the mental health industry?… is the industry in the business of healing or social control, or both?”

‘Physician heal thyself’ may be impossible task for a psychiatry profession in crisis (The Conversation, September 9, 2014)


  1. It seems quite clear to me that psychiatry wrote a “bible” of “mental illnesses,” medicalizing all human emotions and states, which also quite accurately describes the symptoms of the short and long run adverse effects of their drugs (these would be “bipolar” and “schizophrenia”).

    It sure strikes me that psychiatry is purely social control (they cover up sexual abuse of children and easily recognized iatrogenesis for unethical “professionals”); because creating “mental illnesses” in people with drugs, is not actually “appropriate medical care.”

    “Incorrigible,” indeed.

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  2. Hi Someone Else, I agree 100 per cent.
    I believe that Valium can cause anxiety in a calm person the same as alcohol misuse can, and that anti psychotics turn people into psychiatric patients.
    I believe ‘schizophrenia’ and ‘bipolar’ are iatrogenic as well. That they don’t exist as illnesses and that they were invented.

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    • The anxiety I got on Prozac was unbelievable and I’ve read people asking on forums things like “since a few weeks I struggle with aggression/suicidal thoughts/panic attacks. I was started on Prozac recently. Could it be the drug?” It’s too common to be coincidental.
      Benzos also have the so-called paradoxical effect on the side effect list but if you tell it to a psychiatrist he’ll ignore you (“oh, that’s very rare”) and will blame you on your disease. And you’ll be offered a “mood stabilizer” to help with anxiety. Happen only all the time.

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  3. An illustration : Bare with me. The Monsanto cartel was placing growth hormone (RSBT) in the feed of dairy cows and declaring the meat and milk from these animals was perfectly healthy for the public to eat and drink. Furthermore for some years if a dairy decided to sell growth hormone free milk they were legally not allowed to put a label on their milk that said growth hormone free milk ,and could be legally stopped by Monsanto for injuring their business . Meanwhile Greg Palast investigative reporter for the Manchester Guardian in his book “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” fully documents from internal Monsanto studies sent to him from an anonymous Monsanto employee the real deadliness of RSBT. Studies 20 years old at the time showing how the growth hormone adds puss to the milk and causes tumors in test animals clearly something no one would want in their food. They hid the data from the public. Somewhat later they sold the patents to Eli Lilly the pharma giant for 90 some million dollars. Eli Lily now injects the growth hormone directly into cows and poultry and who knows what else and we see printed signs on the dairy and meat products that say there is nothing wrong with growth hormone in the food. A bald faced lie endangering millions of people.

    To me this illustrates how these cartels operate. And show me if we succeeded to discredit psychiatry and their paraphernalia it would in most likelihood be passed to the AMA medical doctors without skipping a beat. It’s clear the battle for freedom and justice against coercion and subterfuge in all healthcare must be fought on more than one front and fought globally.

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  4. Any institution with a foundation built on sand will find itself in an unsolvable “crisis” eventually. Problem is, until the coercive capacity of psychiatry is eliminated it won’t matter whether or not it has public confidence, it will continue to destroy lives with impunity.

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