“Involuntary Hospitalization of Drug Users Is Bad Policy”


While plans to involuntary commit drug users have “received virtual across-the-board support,” Susan Sered from TruthOut reports that “there is little to no evidence showing that coerced drug treatment is effective,” and that “having abstained from opiates for several days may set them up to overdose when they return to their former level of drug use, with a reduced tolerance for the drugs.”

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  1. Lots of good comments on this article ! Better than I am going to make.

    The article points out that “Young people see little hope of ever attaining the American dream”.

    WTF is the “American dream”, is that the house with the white picket fence ??

    Site prep, level and compact 1-2 days (1 man)
    Services(preslab plumbing and elec) 2-3 days (1 man)
    Formwork and Reo 1 day (1 man)
    Pour 1 day (3 men)
    Frames, Subfloor and 2nd Floor Frames 5 days (2 men)
    Trusses 2 days (2 men)
    Windows 5 days (2 men)
    Brickies 15 days(2 men)
    External Carpentry-Front and Back Door -1 day (1 man)
    Electrical Rough in -2 days( 2 men)
    Plumbing Rough in 2 days(2 men)
    Roofing and Guttering 3 days (2 men)
    Soffits 1 day (2 men)
    Insulation 1 day( 2 men)
    Plastering 3 weeks (2 men)
    Kitchen carpentry and benchtops and splash 5 days (1 man)
    Stairs 1 day (1 man)
    Balustrading external and internal 2 days (2 men)
    Tiling 10 days (1 man) (2 bath’s, powder + laundry
    Install of Showers and Vanities 2 days (1 man)
    Eleco Final Fix 3 days (2 men)
    Plumber Final Fix 3 days( 2 men)
    Carpenter 2nd fix-doors,arcs and skirts builtins etc 7 days (1 man)
    Paint 10 days (2 men)
    Flooring 300sqm 5 days (2 men)
    Various other miscellaneous 10 days

    Total Days 115 working days or 5 ½ months of full-time concurrent work.

    Now that’s parts all done you get the “American dream” of working your ass off for 30 years making payments for something that took only 115 working days to construct along with insurance and taxes and all kinds of parasitic expenses to keep you up at night before you get up early to go slave away to enrich others.

    The “American dream” No wonder so many young people are giving up and just shooting dope. Most of them can’t even get approved or make a down payment on the “American dream” .

    What funny is all the liberals that say “we need more jobs and better pay” when what we need is the right to just build your own damb shelter and to be left alone.

    Whats with the undefined term “the American dream” in these articles today. 2nd time I have made this comment about the house scam.

    But it is absolutely true, many young people are giving up “the dream” and instead look for happiness in drugs. I see it all the time when they go relapse.

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  2. This article from Truthout is a good read. Another reason to oppose this new law, in addition to fact that it takes away civil liberties, is that it will serve as a deterrent for people to seek some type of support or help now fearing that they will be incarcerated or forced to go through painful withdrawal. All this may lead to MORE opiate overdose deaths rather than fewer.


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  3. ” giving doctors unchecked power to hospitalize people against their will opens the door for serious human rights violations.”

    It would have been far more accurate written as “extending doctors powers to hospitalize people against their will” as they do with those who have a DSM label. That is what is happening after all. An extension of the abuses that currently occur.

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