“Punish People, Not Just Corporations”


Drug makers have faced large fines for unethical and harmful practices but have simply treated these as a cost of doing business. Ed Silverman reports on signs that governments might be changing their approach toward “recalcitrant” executives and begin holding senior officials accountable.

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  1. This is related to why I’ve been saying that psychiatrists who give serious “mental illness” labels that lead to social harm (e.g. job loss, divorce, loss of custody of children) and who prescribe neuroleptics without adequately informing clients of the risk should be subject to lawsuits and face fines and imprisonment. We are already seeing some of these lawsuits in the news. Hopefully more will be forthcoming.

    For example, I hope that clients of the RAISE study who do not have good outcomes on neuroleptics will consider suing John Kane, MD and other authors of the RAISE study who made it so that drugs had to be presented to these “schizophrenics” as a necessary treatment they’d have to stay on for life.

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  2. The governments collectively should be breaking up these large, psychipathic corporations – and working to bring about a truly competitive market. But I agree, actual people need to be held accountable for their, in the banks’ case, egregious fiscal irresponsibility and thievery. And, in the pharmacutical industry’s case, harm and murder of millions. Since, shocker of all shockers, corporations are not actually “people,” thus do not have consciences compelling them to behave with common decency – the pathological pursuit of profits is the only legal goal of all corporations. The system is the problem.

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  3. Well, yes, corruption is the mastermind of a person who, one way or another, influences others to join him or her in deceiving others to gain wealth, power, and influence/control. Together, they create a ‘system,’ which includes a fierce and electrocuting resistance to opposition and dissidence. Disempowering and eventually busting up a system would mean isolating the perpetrators from their protection. That would mean waking up the enablers who are unwitting slaves to the system, out of fear of going against the grain of power.

    Who is really supporting a corrupt system, whether they know or intend it, or not? (Hint: “I was just following orders.”)

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