When Psychologists Deny Guantanamo Torture


Psychologist Roy Eidelson comments on the Society for Military Psychology’s criticism of the Hoffman report, which exposed the collusion between the APA and the CIA’s torture program. He writes, “the leaders of APA’s military psychology division have offered a very dark vision for the profession of psychology – a vision that we must reject, both individually and institutionally.” 

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    • A “lack of ethics” definately does appear to be a massive American problem today, especially it seems, amongst the so called “professionals.” It does appear this country’s “professionals” have sunk to the lowlife levels of the Nazi German doctors and the Soviet dissident drugging psychiatrists and psychologists of the 1970’s.

      No doubt a sign the wrong people are in charge of this country, and they are desparately doing the same evil things prior evil governments have done to maintain or gain more control. But shame on the so called “professionals” – the hypocritical doctors, lawyers, judges, and religious leaders – who are supporting the current status quo.

      Let’s hope we may soon move forward in a peaceful and productive manner, rather than continue to repeat the mistakes of the evil, greed inspired, empire deluded countries of yesteryear, ad infinitum.

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