Cymbalta Withdrawal Lawsuit Moves Forward


The warning label for the antidepressant Cymbalta downplayed the risks of withdrawal effects, according to consumer lawsuits being filed in courts across the country.  “An estimated 44% to 78% of people who stop taking Cymbalta (also known as duloxetine) will suffer from withdrawal reactions,” yet the warning label “suggests the risk is greater than or equal to 1%.”

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  1. Why does Eli Lilly behave so badly ?
    What exactly is wrong with those people ?

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    How these cockroaches sell defective drugs to the public, cover up side effects and withdrawal reactions ect ect

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  2. I have no sympathy for Eli Lilly. Psychiatric drug adverts don’t belong on the tube any more than other scrip ads. The only good thing about their actions is that they made plenty of money for paying back out in settlements they richly deserve to pay.

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