1. Congratulations, Jim. I too was drugged based upon lies from others who wanted to cover up child abuse. I didn’t realize this, unfortunately, until after I picked up my medical records with proof of all the lies from the child abusers, written right into my medical records.

    Shame such crimes are now considered “appropriate medical care,” by today’s psychological and psychiatric communities, and the mainstream hospitals.

    But, congrats. I hope the lawyers will start to take cases of people harmed, based upon such medical crimes, in the future.

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    • Thanks for this Justin.

      Interesting opinion. I only wonder if this means people will be incapacitated as a means to subvert the need for interview.

      Someone Else, do you have any info on the legalities of the practice they call ‘snowing’? If so can I find a way to get my email address to you?


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