“Open Dialogue: Finland’s Alternative Approach to Mental Illness”


“Almost 30 years ago a group of clinicians in Finland decided to treat psychosis differently. Their approach, known as Open Dialogue, has impressive recovery rates—and now Australians are taking an interest,” writes Lynne Malcolm and Olivia Willis for ABC.

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  1. Given the reality today’s psychiatrists don’t listen to, respect, or believe a word of what, their clients say. At least I know my psychiatrists didn’t, once I’d been handed over some of one of my psychiatrist’s medical records, I did realize this, and confronted him. And he became paranoid and terrified at all his delusions written into my medical records.

    He declared my entire life a “credible fictional story,” tried to convince my husband I needed to be redrugged, and had his receptionists try to get me to sign a sheet full of clear stickers stating, “I declare this is true” on them. I told them I’d sign them, if they put them in my medical records where they wanted confirmation of the truth, and if I agreed. They declined.

    That’s when I had to leave my psychiatrist. But, given psychiatrists are basically the worst listeners on the planet, I think this would likely qualify them as also the worst profession for successfully pulling off the Open Dialog program. But I do believe Open Dialog is basically the opposite of what today’s US psychiatrists do, and absolutely is a much better approach to helping distressed people.

    I’m still so shocked an entire industry of people could be deluded into believing that defaming others with made up, scientifically invalid stigmatizations, taking hope from people by claiming these medical fictions are “lifelong, incurable, genetic mental illnesses,” then tranquilizing and poisoning people is “appropriate medical care.” What the psychiatrists are doing in the US today is gas lighting people, which is “mental abuse,” not “mental health care.”

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