“Royal College Calls for an End to ‘Bashing’ Psychiatrists”


“President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Professor Sir Simon Wessely is launching a campaign to support medical students and trainee doctors by exposing the practice of badmouthing – known as ‘bashing’ – that threatens to deplete an already under-subscribed medical specialism. A paper published in BJPsych Bulletin online describes the practice and the impact it is having on young medics and the medical profession.”

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  1. Psychiatry is the only medical specialty that routinely imprisons, drugs and tortures people it doesn’t like, which appears to be the bulk of its “patients” who are left accused of being dangerous and stripped of their human rights without access to real legal process.

    Additionally, its “illnesses” are voted in and out of existence, the drugs and other “first line medical interventions” it uses have limited, if any, efficacy, and its research methods and practices have long been shown to be utterly reprehensible and corrupted, which means the possibility of finding humane approaches that actually work is minimized.

    Many of these “treatments” actually harm people in distress and create long term untreatable health problems that lead to a lifespan between 20 and 25 years less than non-psychiatric patients.

    These facts are glossed over/covered up by mainstream academic psychiatry, while students have their minds filled with pharma-funded garbage.

    The few psychiatrists who see through the ruse and speak up against widespread abuses (thank you MIA contributors) have had to re-educate themselves, after having already paid massively for their medical training. And on top of that, they face criticism and abuse from their fellow psychiatrists and drug companies.

    So…what’s not to like? Why wouldn’t ethical practitioners from other specialisations try to dissuade bright and promising students from entering such a field?

    ….and the President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Professor Sir Simon Wessely, can’t understand this?

    Lack of insight is an understatement.

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    • I agree. Perhaps, if the psychiatrists would stop ‘bashing’ their patients, with their made up and scientifically invalid ‘mental illnesses,’ then poisoning their patients with their toxic drugs, others would stop ‘bashing’ the psychiatrists?

      And why do we really need psychiatry as a profession anyway? It strikes me that historically it’s always been more a part of the problems / egregious crimes against humanity that have occurred within society, than the solutions.

      I will say, I think the medical profession as a whole might want to reconsider having itself structured as a caste system. I am surprised, however, that PCPs are more ‘bashed’ than the psychiatrists.

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  2. When it comes to the fundamental failure of psychiatry, it is the inability to differentiate the injurious effects of their “prescription medications” – (upon which they have built their fantasies of specific “medication “efficacy) – from serious mental illness, which is the primary cause of growing contempt for the “mainstream”.
    It is from this abandonment of both the ethics and empathy of sincere medical practice that other physicians and “colleagues” may perceive a duty to alert potential psychiatry trainees to consider that the harms they will be called upon to inflict on fellow human beings are truly appalling.
    Might a wider commitment to critical self vigilance, a return to scientific credibility, and the re-discovery of humility within psychiatry contribute to a necessary conflict resolution?
    During 40 years of clinical and academic medicine I encouraged all trainees to believe: –
    “there are no non-prestigious specialities, only non-prestigious doctors”. – With the caveat: – Prestige may only be attributed by those (patients) whose care has been found to be acceptable, appropriate and of benefit to themselves and those who love and care for and about them.
    Bleating about “Bashing” beggars belief.
    Physician – (if indeed that is still what you aspire to be?) heal thyself.

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  3. I hereby call upon other MIA commenters to join me in continuing to expose and mercilessly denigrate the fraudulence of a profession which uses fake diagnoses and harmful drugs.

    Psychiatrists deserve everything they get and I hope that fewer and fewer young people will join the profession until it collapses.

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    • I see from the article that a large proportion of students (27% in this sample) actually change their career choice (Dropping out of psychiatry) as a result of attacks against the profession. So this emboldens me to continue these attacks in every forum possible… and I hope that others will redouble their efforts too. I feel absolutely no guilt about this, in fact I feel pride.

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  4. Psychiatry is probably the easiest specialty of medicine since you really don’t have to do any real work. When all problems can be traced back to broken brains and chemical imbalance,s which can be taken care of by forcing people to take toxic drugs,every problem looks like a nail and all you need is your tool box full of hammers to take care of things. It’s no wonder that every other specialty makes fun of psychiatry as it has absolutely no credibility. And if they think that the bashing is bad now, just you wait and see what it will be like when people finally begin realizing that they’ve had the biggest hoax pulled on them by psychiatry and the drug companies. Perhaps then there will be trials and trips to jail for those who are no better than snake oil peddlers in a carny show.

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