“New Plan to Treat Schizophrenia Is Worth Added Cost, Study Says”


Benedict Carey of the New York Times reports on the success of new schizophrenia and psychosis programs that provide family counseling and job and educational supports and treat patients as equals in decisions about care. “One way to think about it is to ask, if this program were a drug, would we pay for it? And the answer is yes.”

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    • Sadly, this article says, “But given the uncertainties of a chronic condition like schizophrenia, experts said…”

      That’s a lie from “the experts” repeated right in one of our national newspapers, the NY Times. Schizophrenia is not a valid illness, nor is there a chronic condition called schizophrenia… and many people given this false label fully recover from psychosis to function and feel well… especially in poor countries where the are not given drugs.

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  1. This article has a photo of a grainy brain scan of a patient with schizophrenia right on top. What this article did not say was that there are no lab tests, brain scans, X-rays or chemical imbalance tests that can verify any mental disorder is a physical condition.

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