“World Benzo Awareness Day, First Step To End Global Dependency Woes”


“In a bid to raise awareness towards the global epidemic of abuse on Benzodiazepine or ‘benzos’ abuse, a global campaign dubbed as World Benzo Awareness Day (WBAD) has been gaining ground,” Morning News USA reports. “I have seen so many people suffering, committing suicide because they cannot tolerate the prolonged withdrawal reactions and the damage done to them any longer, and there is very little, if any, help available to them.”

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  1. Checked out this guy’s site–it’s very informative, has some tools for organizing and education. Also credible information that confirms my fears about the damages done to the GABA receptors as being a permanent condition.

    I can handle the loss of my intellect, and the difficulties with various physical abilities, but the confirmation that I will always have a magnified vulnerability to stress makes me want to just end it now.

    There is so much I don’t do now to keep myself from being stressed out (which results in exacerbating my other symptoms, insomnia most notably). To think that the whole rest of my life will be restricted, or worse yet, when the SHTF being unable to cope is intolerable to me.

    Travelling? Forget it….relocating? Not happening. Returning to school? Resisting the destruction of life as we know on this finite planet?? Uh uh…

    How many of us have been essentially neutralized????

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  2. Massachusetts is ~20 miles away from where I’m at right now…. Looking back, trading literally dozens of other psych drugs for a long-term taper off clonazepam seemed like an excellent trade-off. It still does.
    But what’s happened since has really gotten me wondering. And what I’ve read and learned in the past few months, well, (I don’t know. I should say something. I’m a victim. I have Iatrogenic Neurolepsis, PTSD, and my life sucks. What a waste. What a waste. If I knew *THEN*, what I know *NOW*, ah, I still don’t know. Neither do the quack shrinks. Neither do the Docs. Yeah, PhRMa OWES ME…..
    Now, clonazepam is a controlled substance, and literally, it’s easier for me to get HEROIN, than it is the clonazepam I (think) I need….

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