BPS Hosts ‘Beyond Psychiatric Diagnosis’ Legal Event


The British Psychological Society (BPS) is hosting a free event aimed at the legal community and politicians on the controversy around the use of psychiatric diagnoses. “The limits and scientific legitimacy of the use of psychiatric diagnosis in mental health services is being openly debated and there is growing recognition of the need for improvement and change,” the event description reads. “Such change will have profound implications for the legal system.”

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  1. This is promising news. I do so hope the U.S. lawyers and judges, too, some day learn that defaming people with scientifically invalid “mental illnesses,” then torturing and murdering millions of people based upon such medical fictions, and with the psychiatric drugs, is no different than the “mental illness” scam the Nazi psychiatrists played on humanity, back prior to and during WWII.

    It’s so odd none of the doctors, lawyers, judges, religious leaders or politicians learned this from WWII. I used to believe those who went into these professions were intelligent.

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  2. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience and a drug racket. The DSM is at best a catalog of billing codes. ALL so-called “mental illnesses” are only as “real” as presents from Santa Claus. (“St. Nick” in the EU….).
    The BOGUS “diagnoses” in the DSM are all imaginary “diseases” which have NO objective reality. So, how did the Law, and Medicine, get all tangled up with DRUGS, and bogus “diagnoses”? The common thread is LOVE of MONEY, which as we all know, is the “root of all evil”….. The best thing any self-respecting psychologist could do, would be to help those of us who have survived psychiatric torture, to RENOUNCE BIOPSYCHIATRY. That’s MY dream. I already survived the assassination attempt….
    (c)2016, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

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