“Psychiatric Drugs Killing More Users than Heroin, Cocaine, Say Health Experts”


A groundbreaking article for The Province is “sounding the alarm over the heightened risk of death linked to the use of psychiatric drugs.” They report on two studies, published this month, that studied the connection between benzodiazepines and mortality. “The interesting thing about this is that it’s a prescription drug and people think they’re safe,” a doctor told the paper. “But as it turns out, we’re probably prescribing these drugs in a way that’s leading to harm.”

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  1. I ALWAYS have something to say here at >Mad In America<…. I linked here from the Yahoo! front page, and it's good to see 3K+ views…. But NO COMMENTS YET? WTF?…. I see "clonazepam" featured in a photo above, and I have 2 decades of personal, lived experience with that drug. Also with Ativan, which is also mentioned. And with a whole bunch of other psych DRUGS. The pseudoscience drug racket known as "biopsychiatry" has been complicit with the pharmaceutical industry in grossly over-drugging America and the World, for decades now…. The latest bogeyman, "Fentanyl", was first invented and marketed by Jannsen Pharm., of Connecticut, decades ago…. These drugs ARE DANGEROUS, largely because of the negligence of shrinks, and the larger medical community…. At least MIA is helping get the TRUTH OUT….
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  2. “that studied the connection between benzodiazepines and mortality.”
    Actually, that should say the connection between ABUSING BENZODIAZAPINES WITH ILLICIT DRUGS AND MORTALITY. There has been a lot hate and attack toward benzos in the media these last several months and it has been growing for years, but has it really gotten to the point where a long-term high-tolerance herion addict is injecting enough herion to knock a horse out for surgery, then takes half a bottle of xanax and dies… and we’ll blame the xanax? Attack the doctors who prescribe it? Seek legislation to restrict them and make a million legitimate patients have to fight tooth and nail to get them? Then the tragic irony is that then anxiety patients are just put on neuroleptics like seroquel/abilify/latuda/risperdal, etc or so called “anti-depressants”, which not only don’t work but often make symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks worse and are way, way more, astronomically more dangerous and harmful (and even permanently so, and completely on their own) than the benzodiazapines.

    We’re almost there… “Hey doctor, I’ve having constant anxiety attacks, it’s screwing with my neurological system, I get massive chest pains, shaking fits, I cant feel myself breathing and then I panic because I think I’m dying! I feel this pressure just building in my skull and sinuses sometimes, and it literally makes me have to scream without control and I tore a chunk of my hair out the other day. My throat is tight when I swallow and muscles in my upper abs keep involuntary clenching and…”

    Doctor: “Stop, just stop right there. Well, in the past I’d give you some ativan or klonopin or something. It works 100% of the time as it’s just a simple central nervous system depressant. But, those drugs are supposedly dangerous now, so I’ll prescribe you some risperdal/seroquel/abilify,etc instead. Ironically, these can cause those symptoms in 12 to 30% of the people who take them and cause serious adverse reactions that could even drive you to impulsive suicide. There’s no evidence or otherwise any good reason to think they might help, but they’re all that we “ethically” have now because they’re not controlled substances. Oh and they can cause permanent brain damage, including permanent involuntary movement disorders and life-threatening metabolic disorders, as well as the development of compulsive behaviors and addictions, apathy, malaise, etc. Oh and the life expectancies of people who take them are 25 years less than that of the general population. But I cant give you the xanax anymore. Those drugs are dangerous! They might kill you if you abuse them with alcohol and/or opiates!”

    In a country where anyone over the age of 21 can go to any grocery store, department store or corner store in the country and buy all the alcohol and tobacco they can afford and drink and smoke themselves to death if they want, JUST FOR FUN, there is absolutely no good reason that doctors should be gatekeepers to anything. If aliens with advanced intelligence came down to Earth, this is one of the many ridiculous and illogical things about our species that they’d be shaking their heads at.

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