“Held in a Hospital: Bellevue Hospital is Refusing to Acknowledge Derya Demirtas’s Diagnosis”


Derya Demitras, a young honors student from Amherst College, is being held in the Bellevue psychiatric hospital against her wishes and the wishes of her family despite the fact that she has been diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis, a condition that affects the brain.  “The family repeatedly informed the hospital that Derya’s condition worsened under the use of psychotropic medications. When Derya’s psychiatric behaviors worsened, after receiving drugs to treat mental illness, she was involuntarily committed to the psychiatric ward of Bellevue Hospital where they continued to administer more psychotropic medicine.”

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  1. This is a sad and frightening situation for Deryra and her family. Autoimmune encephalitis is serious. It is an inflammation of the brain and its presentation can include hallucinations and psychotic thinking that looks like a psychotic disorder such as schizophrenia. IV antiobiotics and steroids are usually the treatment. It takes a long time to recover and may never fully. If the hospital was treating her with antipsychotics they may have misdiagnosed her. Prayers to the family and may she get the correct treatment so this young, intelligent, talented and beautiful young lady may live a full, healthy life.

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  2. It is really appalling that psychiatrists, whose diagnoses are voted in or out of their “manual” and have NO scientific basis whatsoever, can overrule real doctors who treat real illnesses with real physical causes.

    That they can force their “treatments’ onto unwilling victims who absolutely know that those treatments may kill them is torture…mental and physical.

    That we also know that those “treatments” will worsen the condition she has and prevent her from receiving the effective treatments she needs, and that they actually CAUSE the symptoms the psychiatrists are alleging they treat, means these psychiatrists really are cruel, psychopathic monsters in the same league as Hannibal Lecter.

    Be aware, people…this IS what psychiatry can do for you too, if you happen to inadvertently stumble into its domain while vulnerable.

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