1. That amount of money to make people physically ill, while at the same time as not addressing their emotional issues is sickening.

    There is no proof for either the safety or efficacy of “anti-depressants”. They have merely exacerbated social and economic problems by pretending to address a “chemical imbalance” that makes people unhappy by drugging unhappy people into states of numbness. People are unhappy when they have bad experiences, and drugs, be they alcohol, prescription, or street drugs never have and never will address social and/or interpersonal distress.

    With 5.5million pounds a week the government could do a hell of a lot to start to address social issues, but hey….that wouldn’t benefit psychiatrists or big pharmaceutical companies, and they are the real “clients” here. The human beings who are drugged and who suffer as a result are just fodder for the machine, just as young men were “cannon fodder” in wars of old. Only now, it is largely women and the philosophically “disobedient” who are the targets of magic bullets.

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