Joshua Gordon, Columbia University Psychiatrist, Named Director of NIMH


The National Insititute of Health (NIH) announced today that Dr. Joshua A. Gordon will take over as the director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Gordon, a professor of Psychiatry at the Columbia University Medical School, will oversee an annual budget of approximately $1.5 billion, which supports research grants and university partnerships. His past research has focused on the search for neurobiological factors underlying the symptoms associated with ‘mental illnesses.’

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    • The fraud seemingly goes so deep within the pharmaceutically funded NIMH, and apparently also NIH. They apparently still believe depression is a “disease” caused by defects in genes, in other words eugenics, rather than caused by real life problems. Really? The entire edifice of psychiatry is so appalling it staggers the mind. What happened to RDoC?

      No, I would not buy a used car from this man. And the U.S. government has apparently been taken over by the wrong people, God save the decent.

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  1. I note the interest in brain plasticity.
    What would be of potential benefit would be sincere research endeavour into Brain Plasticity, with the aim of maximising recovery from pharmacological brain damage.
    This should be in combination with devising effective rehabilitation programs for those vast numbers of souls devastatingly injured by psychiatry’s obsessional pre-occupation with ineffective and extremely toxic psychotropic drugs.
    In the meantime, why doesn’t the NIMH immediately embark on a massive educational campaign for prescribers on: – AKATHISIA AWARENESS – in order to begin to reduce iatrogenic psychiatric illness?
    Of course rehabilitation would have to address not only catastrophic “medication” induced brain injuries, but also profound damage to endocrine, metabolic,integumentary, gastrointestinal, cardio-vascular, reproductive and other systems.

    (Other doctor).

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  2. ugh. more of the same. mental illness is a brain disease, right? the more severe your “mental illness,” the more diseased your brain. This must explain why the “severely mentally ill” are given some of the most noxious drugs –ever– , often against their/our will, many times enforced by the legal system. “Mental patients” apparently don’t need brain cells…

    I hope something good comes of all the $$$ pumped into all this. When you think about it…spending this kind of $$$ to maintain the useful fiction of “mental illness” is probably less expensive than investing in safer, more humane communities and dealing humanely with people who go off the rails, on way or another. But then…low status, labeled, stigmatized, oppressed people would have to be treated…like…PEOPLE. Nah…just spend the billion$ on pseudoscience.

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