“Psychiatrist Uses a ‘Fever Machine’ to Treat Depression”


Sarah Beller reports that Arizona psychiatrist Charles Raison is attempting to revive the idea of treating mental distress with high temperatures. “Even as Americans consume psychiatric medications by the fistful (about one in eight Americans are on an anti-depressant) psychiatry is in a state of disarray,” Beller begins.

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fever machine


  1. “We appear to know very little about what works as a treatment for depression,” does seem to be the truth of the day. And lack of knowledge and understanding is true for all the other made up, and scientifically invalid and unreliable DSM disorders as well. The psychiatric industry needs to end their fraudulent claims of a proven “chemical imbalance” theory, and confess that they still do not understand the brain, since they do not.

    All the psychiatrists know how to do is create iatrogenic illnesses in their patients, with their drugs, for profit, and for other nefarious reasons. But harming patients for profit violates the Hippocratic Oath, and is morally repugnant. The entire world deserves better than the insanity of giving such fraudulent and insane psychiatrists total control. The right of psychiatrists to force their toxic torture “treatments” onto innocent patients needs to end.

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  2. Thanks but no thanks; I don’t want to be treated with a “fever machine” for anything. Psychiatry is getting crazier by the day. They’ll be talking again about lobotomies pretty soon, and the spinning chair treatment, and being tightly wrapped in an ice cold sheet and left to drip dry! And they’ve always got insulin comas to use as a treatment again. Enough is enough.

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