“Psychiatric Shock Therapy, Long Controversial, may Face Fresh Restrictions”


For STAT, Judith Graham reports that regulators “are poised to enact new restrictions on psychiatry’s most controversial treatment, electroconvulsive therapy, which treats people with acute mental illnesses by sending a seizure-inducing jolt of electricity through their brains.”

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  1. ECT causes brain damage. It is unfortunate some people believe losing precious memories and cognitive functions equates with “better”. The ghouls who administer or promote this lunatic barbaric assault belong in prison for human rights violations regarding torture. ECT needs to be banned, immediately. There is extensive scientific and anecdotal evidence showing the brain damaging effects of ECT. I do not care if people like David Healy want to keep disregarding the research and the heart breaking stories of thousands of victims. Brain damaging someone and calling it “therapy” is immoral and evil.

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  2. The way to avoid long term memory loss and cognitive damage, both reflective of brain injury is to ban ECT. No amount of niacin is going to change the outcome of multiple closed head injury electrical assaults on a delicate brain. Again, people all ears about psychiatric drugging causing harms but fairly disinterested in someone that does far more permanent damage. People can return to themselves after drugging stops, the same is not true of ECT. They are permanently destroyed.

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  3. This article is full of false statements about ect, better known as shock “treatment”. Just read the comments posted at the end of the article and you’ll get a fair idea that it is not safe and that the information in the article is skewed in favor of the barbaric torture.

    It’s also very lucrative for the people doing the shocking. Nice little industry if you can get into it. You don’t do much (other than destroy people’s brains) and you make a whole lot of money doing it since this is referred to as a “therapy”.

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