Your Psychiatrist Might be Wrong


From Pakistan Today: Psychiatry may lack scientific objectivity in comparison with other fields of medicine.

“The mind sciences – psychology or psychiatry – have always been tricky fields to tread. The human heart works essentially the same way in every human being, with some well-documented anomalies or variations. The mind, on the other hand, is extremely adaptable. Your mind is the product of everything that has happened to it since it first flickered to life, just like everyone else’s.”

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  1. Sounds like the doctor doesn’t know what the heck he wants to say. Don’t be “anti-science” (aka anti-psychiatry) but feel free to get a second opinion.

    The medicines aren’t perfect or exact, but the new generation DEFINITELY WORK. (If I didn’t say this I’d be out of work!)

    ECT is great stuff. Now that the patient is immobilized we don’t feel guilty as we watch them seize uncontrollably.

    Trust your shrink implicitly. But buyer beware!

    Sounds like he is one mixed-up dude. He may have “mental issues” due to trauma from guilt brought on by doing what he knows is wrong.

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  2. All psychiatric statements of this sort should be preceded with a disclaimer, such as, “Take with a grain of salt.” Especially with an ending like this guy gives. “Trust your psychiatrist, but” he could be talking absolute bullshit. Of course, there’s only one way you’re going to find out, and that’s the hard way. Better yet, know better, and skip the junk science entirely. A thousandth opinion on the subject is going to be way more than one too many. At some point or another, your intuition should kick in, together with your ‘healthy skepticism’.

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