Donald Trump’s Drug Czar is Very High on Forced Rehab


From Vice: Donald Trump’s expected nominee for director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, Congressman Tom Marino, is a proponent of mandatory inpatient treatment for drug abuse. However, research shows that coerced addiction treatment is often ineffective and can even have demonstrable negative effects.

“…Of the studies that exist on compulsory treatment, the majority (77 percent) found either no clearly proven effect on drug use or crime—or that forced treatment actually made people worse by increasing their likelihood of arrest or relapse (22 percent).”

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  1. “….”It’s generally widely accepted that addiction is a mental illness that should be treated through the public health system and through clinical protocols,” says Werb. “That begs the question: What is the best deliverer of healthcare in addiction treatment? I think it would be very difficult to make the case that somehow the justice system is a better deliverer than the healthcare system.”…”<–from the linked article….
    WTF? "generally" "widely" accepted? So it must be *specifically* *narrowly* accepted that it's NOT a so-called "mental illness"…. Mental illnesses are imaginary diseases that were INVENTED as excuses to sell drugs, and act as means of social control. A person is tagged with the mental illness label to justify selling drugs, and to disempower and stigmatize them.

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  2. Like many people who go to treatment I counted the number of people there and multiplied it by the cost and concluded this place makes a fortune and that I should open a treatment center. I always thought a great marketing idea, possibly the best, for a treatment center would be not allowing court ordered clients centered around the theme that if you go to my center everyone you are with actually WANTS to get sober.

    People shop online for the ‘best’ center but what they can’t do is pick out the group they will be with during there stay and anyone who has been to the same center twice or even just more then one knows that can make the difference between a positive and negative experience. The absence of court ordered people would vastly improve the chances of a positive group of co clients when you got there.

    There would be so many benefits, I would not have to run the place like a probation dept and clients would be happier like the article says the therapeutic alliance would not be compromised. Staff would not have to deal with courts and probation people and be prison industrial complex workers by proxy.

    I really think the idea would work and of course I could boast a higher success rate and I think my success rate would be higher with the non court ordered with the absence of those who did not want to be there who are constantly negative and drag other people down with them with the nit picking and complaining ‘this place sucks’ this is wrong and that’s wrong and that’s not fair… that stuff the court ordered people as a whole do much much more.

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