1. My two cents: The racial epithet is a word that has several functions. It is used to demean and to stereotype. It is used as a show of superiority by one man, usually a white man, to insult and degrade a black man.

    There are several words that are in common usage that make me cringe as they are often used in the same way a racial epithet is used. They are:
    1. Mentally ill, the mentally ill
    2. Schizophrenia
    3. Manic
    4. Bipolar
    5. BPD, borderline
    6. “The wrong hands”
    7. Ptsd.

    these words are often used as a means to diminish and degrade a man or a woman. consider how the comment would read if a racial epithet were substituted for any of these words.

    Like a racial epithet, these words are often used as a disability epithet to portray a man as subhuman. They are slurs. They all should be eliminated.

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