BPS Opposition to Benefit Sanctions is Debated


From The British Psychological Society:Β The BPS has published a letter calling on the government to suspend the benefits sanction system, as sanctions may harm the mental health of vulnerable and marginalized people. This letter was quoted in Andrew Marr’s recent interview with work and pensions secretary David Gauke on a flagship BBC political program.

Article β†’Β­


  1. The link leads to a very short article, and a proprietary BBC media player which doesn’t like the computer I’m using. So I take it, that in England, “sanctioned mental patients” are further “sanctioned” with loss of some benefits if they’re “non-compliant”. Or some such ridiculous non-sense. The whole English “mental health system” seems to be imploding under the weight of the LIES of the pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control known as psychiatry, – 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. I’m sorry that folks are being so abused by the system, but it seems to be an inevitable stage of collapse to a system built on greed and ignorance.

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