Challenging the Relentless Rise of Depression in Young People


In this piece, Dave Traxson discusses the social and cultural factors contributing to the rise of depression among young people in Britain, arguing that the medical model is inadequate to understand this epidemic or its potential solutions.

“So the depressing conclusion is that there are few certainties in the field of depression and how it develops at times of crisis like now. All we know is that there are many contributory factors for each human being, and that humanistic or naturalistic interventions have the chance of being equally as successful as bottles of pills. What many professionals believe is we need to ‘Drop the D’ for mental health disorders as in Depressive Disorder, and rather than rely too heavily on ‘medical model’ notions, that we should better describe the complex needs of an individual young person in a more effective and useful way to trigger a range of supportive interventions.”


  1. Children are the inevitable and only creation of a healthy, or unhealthy society or civilization. So *IF* the children are “depressed”, the root cause is NOT in the children themselves, – it’s in the SOCIETY! The roots of “childhood depression” are NOT in the children, but in the PARENTS, the GRANDParents, the GREAT-Grand parents, etc…. It’s not the children who are “depressed”, no, it’s the SOCIETY which is SICK….
    This simple truth should be so obvious, but it doesn’t help $ELL DRUG$, does it….????….
    England is dying under the poison of neo-liberalism and progressivism, and sadly, America is not far behind.

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