Why Nutritional Psychiatry is the Future of Mental Health


From The Independent: The role that nutrition can play in improving our mental health is often overlooked. Research suggests that we should devote more resources to dietary approaches to emotional distress.

“There is currently much debate over the effectiveness of antidepressants. The use of food supplements offer an alternative approach that has the potential to make a significant difference to the mental health of all age groups.

The emerging scientific evidence suggests that there should be a bigger role for nutritional psychiatry in mental health within conventional health services. If the burden of mental ill health is to be reduced, GPs and psychiatrists need to be aware of the connection between food, inflammation and mental illness.”

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  1. Here’s one of the major enemies of psychiatry, as it’s known today, deserving serious attention by those on this site who’d like to eradicate it. Why go to a shrink to get your brain and mind numbed with drugs or ECT, when you can comfortably be on a diet proper for your biochemistry- using real biology to isolate “biological” (actually pharmacological) psychiatry?

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