The Opioid Diaries


From¬†TIME: Over the past year, photographer James Nachtwey set out to document the opioid crisis, the worst addiction epidemic in American history. Here, Nachtwey’s interviews are paired with interview quotes representing voices of people affected directly by opioid addiction.

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  1. I got an idea, how about if when they catch people in the earlier stages of opiate addiction they charge them with possession and screw up their lives with the legal system, steal what money they have left with court fees and fines to make billions of dollars for the crooked courts, lawyers, police and the private prison industry instead of using that money for treatment.

    What they can also do is with full knowledge of the fact that anxiety, depression and hopelessness is a driving force in addiction they could give anyone they catch with an addiction problem a criminal record that stays with them for life creating more anxiety, depression and hopelessness.

    Oh wait they already do that. Maybe it will start helping solve the problem soon.

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