Police Not Told of Sexual Assault Reports by Mental Patients


From The Age: According to a new report, sexual assault claims by mental health patients are not being reported to the police or even the alleged victims’ families in most cases. Families are told of allegations in just 25 percent of cases, while police reports are only made in 40 percent of cases.

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  1. The primary function, historically and today, of the “mental health industry” is covering up sexual assault. The psychologists and psychiatrists promised the religious leaders long ago they’d cover up the “zipper troubles” of the religious leaders and their wealthy. This is known as “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions,” according to an ethical pastor.

    Today’s “mental health professionals” can’t even be reimbursed by the insurance companies for helping sexual assault/child abuse victims, without first misdiagnosing the victim with one of the billable DSM disorders, because sexual assault/child abuse are “V Codes,” and V Codes are not reimbursable by insurance companies.


    This “flaw” in the DSM/insurance reimbursement laws has resulted in huge percentages of child abuse victims being misdiagnosed with the billable DSM disorders.

    Today, “the prevalence of childhood trauma exposure within borderline personality disorder patients has been evidenced to be as high as 92% (Yen et al., 2002). Within individuals diagnosed with psychotic or affective disorders, it reaches 82% (Larsson et al., 2012).”

    And, contrary to the psychiatrists’ delusions, drugs are not the cure for distress caused by sexual assault/child abuse. But the drugs given to those huge percentages of child abuse victims who were misdiagnosed as “borderline” or with the “psychotic or affective disorders,” which include the antidepressants and/or antipsychotics (aka neuroleptics), can create both the negative and positive symptoms of “schizophrenia.”

    The negative symptoms can be created via NIDS and the positive symptoms can be created via anticholinergic toxidrome.


    And since neither of these known psychiatric drug induced toxidrome is listed in the DSM, they are always misdiagnosed as one of the billable DSM disorders.

    Today’s “mental health industry” is one gigantic, child abuse and sexual assault covering up industry. So it’s not surprising they’re not reporting sexual assault, since covering up sexual assault and child abuse is the primary function of our “mental health industry,” according to their own medical literature. And it does appear this is by design, now that it’s all over the internet that “The West is Controlled by Satanic Pedophiles.”

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  2. The most disturbing part of the article is:
    “Under the existing severity rating system, sexual assault is not considered an event that could cause “serious harm” to a patient”.

    Don’t know what to say to that

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    • Sounds like what any sexual abuser would say about his/her victim(s). “They really wanted it.” “I did it for their benefit.” “It wasn’t a big deal.” “They’ll get over it.”

      What I don’t get is how they don’t get in serious legal trouble for failing to report these crimes, especially when their own staff is involved. It’s as disturbing as the Catholic priest scandal, but no one seems to be scandalized.

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