Life After Psych Meds: Laura Delano


How can people come off psychiatric medications in the safest way? What are the key lessons and vital ingredients for leaving psychiatric care? Is there life after meds? Laura Delano spent 14 years as a psychiatric patient before she left behind her psychiatric diagnoses and reclaimed herself. Today she is Director of the Inner Compass Initiative and The Withdrawal Project, working to support drug withdrawal and build community beyond the mental health system.


The Inner Compass Initiative

The Withdrawal Project

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Medication Liberation: Laura Delano


  1. I love hearing from both of these wonderful individuals. Laura’s discussion and recommendation about planning for withdrawal and having the necessary supports in place to safeguard oneself against withdrawal effects was excellent. I also like Laura’s story and the need for active listening and having outlets and supports for adolescents and young adults in communities. Adolescence is the time when psychiatric diagnoses are often made. We need as a society to better understand our young people and their struggles and provide non-medical/psychiatric interventions.

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  2. Great talk, thanks Laura and Will. Lots of great points brought up. The need to point out the misinformation given to the psychiatric and mainstream medical doctors by the pharmaceutical industry is imperitive. And the insane paranoia the doctors feel to cover up the harm their treatments are causing, due to the medical community’s paranoia of potential malpractice suits, is resulting in tremendous, continued harm of patients. Keep up the truthful talks, and I’m still looking for decent people in my local community to partner with, to help others heal.

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