How to Talk to Somebody Who is Hearing Voices


In this piece for MetroUK, Lucy Nichol explains how to best support people in “psychosis,” emphasizing the need to believe individuals who hear voices and recognize them as the expert on their own experiences.

“Hearing voices can be terrifying for people. But it isn’t always so. And if the person experiencing the voice, vision, belief or feeling isn’t terrified, then why on earth should anyone else be scared?

Dr Liam Gilligan, a clinical psychologist with Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, says that we should try to acknowledge the emotions that the person experiencing the vision or belief is presenting themselves.

For example, if that person is not in distress, why approach them in a distressed way? It will only wind up with both of you feeling distressed.”


  1. “‘When I’m distressed, instead of telling me just to ignore the voices (which rarely works), I find it helpful when people ask me if I’d like to talk about them. ‘Then, rather than jumping in to deny what they’re saying – it’s useful when people ask me what I think about what the voices have said. That reminds me that I have a voice too – and a perspective on things.'”

    It is true, today’s “mental health professionals” tell you to ignore the “voices,” and they deny the reality of what they are saying. Even when the “mental health professionals” created the “voices,” via anticholinergic toxidrome poisonings. And when the “voices” are discussing reality.

    My psychiatrist was terrified once the medical evidence of the abuse of my child had been handed over, because the “voices” he’d created with his poisonings, were the “voices” of the pedophiles bragging about abusing my child. My “voices” were unfortunately discussing reality. And once the medical evidence of the abuse of one’s child is handed over, the denial of that crime is no longer possible.

    “‘There’s more to me than being a voice-hearer. I don’t want people to pretend the voices aren’t there – but I don’t want them to forget that I have a life outside of it all too. My voices are not me.’”

    My psychiatrist believed that declaring my entire life to be a “credible fictional story” was the solution to his now inconvenient reality. That’s when I had to walk away from that insane, pedophilia covering up and profiteering psychiatrist.

    And I’ve since learned that today’s DSM “mental health” industry was intentionally set up to be a gigantic child abuse covering up system, because child abuse is classified as a “V Code,” and the “V Codes” are not insurance reimbursable concerns.

    And this inability to bill insurance companies for helping child abuse victims has resulted in millions of child abuse victims being mislabeled with the other billable DSM disorders. Today, over 80% of those labeled as “depressed,” “anxious,” “bipolar,” and “schizophrenic” are mislabeled child abuse victims. Over 90% of those labeled as “borderline” are mislabeled child abuse victims.

    I hope the “mental health professionals” will some day get out of the illegal business of misdiagnosing child abuse victims, en mass, with their scientifically invalid DSM disorders.

    Our society is not benefitted by having a multibillion dollar, pedophile empowerment industry, which is what today’s “mental health industries” are, according to your own medical literature. Our society should be arresting the child molesters instead of defaming, poisoning, torturing, and murdering our society’s weakest members on a massive scale.

    “A society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members.”

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  2. Everyone hears voices but lie and say they do not.
    Voice of hunger. Voice of thirst. Voice of needing to use the toilet. Voice of too cold/ too hot.
    Voice of gluttony. Voice of lust. Voice of anger. Voice of greed.

    Vices people hear
    Virtues people hear

    You have the voice of compassion don’t you? Don’t you care for the children? The children need medicine for their mental illness don’t they? Making money selling drugs to the gullible.

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