Can Psychedelics Prevent Suicide?


From Big Think: “One commonality among those contemplating suicide is a lack of meaning in life. Someone doesn’t care about them, the world doesn’t care, they’ve been hurt and no bright future is ahead. Clinically, depression is tied with a lack of hope. Since there is no ‘hope neurotransmitter,’ pinpointing one brain region or chemical is unlikely to work. We need a holistic approach to healing, one that psychedelics offer.”

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  1. I just don’t understand how the new drug “ketamine” is going to work. If it did work for depression, everyone would have been cured from the introduction of the street drug and everyone would be taking it. Okay for a person dying. They won’t have to live if the 60 minutes of psychosis or dissociation side effect occurs and becomes permenant for the first 60 minutes of taking the drug.

    Again, Pharma and the doctors are backing into the solution and not finding a correlation between glutamate and depression. And the only observation, but they look so peaceful. So would they if you gave them heroin too but that won’t cure depression.

    Are doctors really this stupid?

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    • That’s right, oldhead. Ketamine’s action is similar to the anesthetic, PCP (phencyclidine- I hope this is correct spelling). PCP was responsible for instigating a number of incidents of delirium that would get worse if the individual was treated with antipsychotic drugs to bring them out of the experience. I experimented with using glutamine for that purpose, with some success on several individuals, using 1g plus at a pop. The rationale for this may be that PCP antagonizes GABA, which the glutamine, being a part of the GABA molecule, might have counteracted be increasing that substance to neutralize the anesthetic. Would ketamine respond to this as well?

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      • Not when they’re on the verge of behavior normally thought of as psychotic, such as being bombarded by suicidal notions. These anesthetic drugs’ greatest suicide prevention value likely comes when your patient/client is so paralyzed he’s/she’s been turned into a vegetable incapable of movement, much less thought.

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    This is the important part:

    “The experiments confirmed that the rapid antidepressant-like effects require activation of AMPA receptors, not inhibition of NMDA receptors.”

    why? Because the NMDA receptor is a voltage gated ion channel gated by Mg and only knocked out of the way by a voltage sent by the AMPA receptor thereby allowing the major excitatory neurotransmitter NMDA receptor to function.

    But ketamine will not work, just as any drug that is not part of evolutonary correct nutrients for the human body wiill not work. The body will act against it, adapt and in the process harm will be done. However I suspect that if true, the function of action is very telling.

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    • The Brain always compensates or is destroyed. This would be similar to overcompensation of serotonin and the increase of the D2 receptors if I’m not mistaken.

      But it comes at a peculiar time. Pharma can market this and it deters from the mass shootings and the celebrity suicides that already had therapeutic medications in their bloodstreams. Read between the lines, antidepressants were already being utilized. This will also increase the need for anti psychotics, which sell so well.

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    • Well google it and most of the articles will label it as a psychedelic. And as far as determining efficacy by the patients’ reaction to the drug. That’s how we go here and in so much trouble. Do you think they’re going to publicize the amount that have a psychotic break from taking the drug?

      You can’t back into the science. You have to have a correlation between the chemical or lack thereof and depression, or this just won’t work.

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