Doctor Drugging Migrant Kids Lost Certification Years Ago


From Reveal News: “The psychiatrist who has been prescribing powerful psychotropic medications to immigrant children at a federally funded residential treatment center in Texas has practiced without board certification to treat children and adolescents for nearly a decade, records show.

On the Texas Medical Board’s website, though, Dr. Javier Ruíz-Nazario reported he had that specialized certification for treating children and adolescents. However, according to the website, he has not yet updated the board on the status of this board certification as required by its rules.

RuĂ­z-Nazario’s name appears on various court documents that allege troubling practices at the Shiloh Treatment Center south of Houston, including affidavits in class-action settlement motions in which children claim they were tackled and injected and forced to take pills identified as vitamins that made them dizzy and drowsy.”

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  1. I’m absolutely astounded that there isn’t more public outrage about this aspect of the juvenile immigrant detention scandal. First traumatize the kids then drug ‘em – that’s sure starting to seem like the American way. Why isn’t this drugging on the mainstream news? Is it perhaps because we’ve been so brainwashed as to believe these drugs are medicines? And why aren’t more citizens and journalists pointing out that these private contractors have no reason to want the kids out of their care when they have lucrative government contracts hinged on full beds? (Eerily similar to our private prison problem…)

    Welcome to America, kids. Deepest apologies from this very ashamed American. *smdh*

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