Who is Responsible for Preventing Suicide?


“A suicide hotline can give a suicidal person someone to talk to. I don’t want to downplay the importance of that. When someone needs someone to talk to and nobody is available, providing that service is obviously good, if it is done well. Some hotlines, such as the trans lifeline, (created by and for trans people) specifically have a policy that they will not call emergency services without consent.

But talking is not enough. If a person’s suicidality is rooted in poverty, racism, trauma, isolation, or some other form of oppression — talking alone can never solve that. It can get the person to survive to the next moment. But it won’t make the causes of their suicidality go away.”

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    I believe there has been an “Arrangement” within Psychiatry to cover up/deny Fluphenazine Suicides.


    My own Suicidal Reactions between 1980 and 1984 in Ireland, were covered up (putting me at future Risk); and many years later are still being covered up in the UK, by my present day Medical Providers.

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  2. “As another activist commented recently, most approaches to suicide prevention are like trying to stop someone from jumping out of a burning building while doing nothing to put out the fire. This is as true of psychiatric hospitalization as it is of hotlines.”

    This is true, before my recovery from psychiatric drugging I would show up at the ER with crippling anxiety attacks. On my way to the hospital I always mentally prepared an explanation for showing up there in such a state. For some reason I always expected someone to sit down with me and ask what the heck is going on and that is why I would try and mentally prepare so I could explain it clearly and in chronological order.

    All I would get is the get in the gown and sit alone in that fish tank room for “observation” with no one observing and no one to talk to. Then of course the situation changes to I hope I get the ativan and go home and not sent up to psych detention for that nightmare.

    I don’t know why I always expected help sorting it out when I never got anything but label and drug before.

    Why did it take so long to realize psychiatry itself was the cause of my problem ? Before I met those quacks my only problem was insomnia and being late for work, after all those pills everything fell apart. Before psychiatry I never ever had a “mental health crisis” and didn’t even know hospitals had those psych lockup atrocities inside.

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