1. Dear Dr Allen Frances (If you are reading),

    You identified Fluphenazine Decanoate Depot Injection, in 1983, as a drug that can cause Suicide, through Akathisia.


    QUESTION:- Is it acceptable present day Medical Practice for Doctors to hide the Dangers of this Drug? *Because this is what’s happening.

    Between 1980 and 1984 I remained disabled and had a series of suicidal hospitalizations on this drug; and in 1984 was diagnosed as a Dreadful case with very poor Prognosis.

    I recovered in 1984 through carefully tapering from these drugs and through Practical, Inexpensive Psychotherapy.

    Fluphenazine Decanoate depot injection has a genuine long acting Withdrawal Syndrome, that in my opinion would Override any original problem.

    The University that managed the hospital I attended, did produce a number of Research Papers on the usefulness of Fluphenazine Decanoate – with no mention of the Real Dangers attached to this drug or the (Discontinuation) Option of Full Recovery through Psychotherapy.

    “Depot Antipsychotic Revisited”


    About 4 out of 10 of the people on these drugs attempt Suicide.

    My own Records were doctored by my Historical Psychiatrist and University Researcher Dr PA Carney, to hide the Drug Suicide connection.

    My Present Day GP Surgery in London W2 5LT is Attempting to keep the Evidence off their system.

    On November 8 1986 I wrote to Doctors at Galway Ireland asking them to send over Adverse Drug Reaction Warning to the UK concerning the Drug Modecate Depot:-

    ADR Request ltr Pg 1

    ADR Request ltr Pg 2

    ADR Request Ltr Pg 3

    The 1986 ADR Warning Request Letter describes AKATHISIA fairly Well :-

    1. Extreme Restlessness
    2. Unpredictability
    3. The worst experience of my life.
    4. What I am most worried about

    Dr Donlon Kenny from Galway sent over a 24 November 1986 Record Summary with Adverse Drug Reaction Warning Deliberately OMITTED.

    Irish Record Summary Pg 1

    Irish Record Summary Pg 2

    The 1986 Irish Record Summary also contains significant distortion. For example at the Original Admission at Galway Southern Ireland in 1980 :- I Presented with NO Psychotic Symptoms.

    Admitting Doctor Dr Fadel on Presentation

    Dr Donlon Kenny at the time also sent me a letter dishonestly reassuring me that my concerns had been looked after.

    Dr Donlon Kenny False Reasurrance Ltr

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      • Yes, Allen Francis was the chair of the DSM-IV. He was the man who “loosened” the symptoms of the DSM disorders, which led to the overprescription of these drugs for “treating the aches and pains of every day life,” (which I think is a kind of euphemism for ‘the well insured’).

        As to the overprescription of the antidepressants to women. A woman can’t walk into an ER for any reason in the US today, without some idiot doctor, out of the blue, asking, “Are you depressed?” In the hopes of prescribing an antidepressant. That takes only 3 seconds, not seven minutes, but it should be illegal.

        I’m glad to see this is making the mainstream news finally. And Allen Francis does have a lot of repenting to do, so it’s good he seems to be starting. He is blaming the pharmaceutical industry and mainstream medical community, but not yet pointing the finger at the psychiatric industry or taking personal responsibility, which also needs to be done.

        Proper compensation should, of course, also be made to all those harmed with these drugs. Like all those whose sex lives and marrital relationships were destroyed with these drugs. And like the million plus children and millions of others who had the common symptoms of the antidepressants, and antidepressant discontinuation syndrome, misdiagnosed as “bipolar.”

        Sadly, the leaders of the DSM5 made that kind of DSM IV misdiagnosis, an appropriate diagnosis in the DSM5, despite it’s obvious iatrogenic, as opposed to genetic, etiology. But this is proof the DSM writers are still “loosening” their diagnostic criteria, rather than “tightening” their diagnostic criteria. Yes, Allen Francis, and his psychiatric minion, still have a lot of atonement to do, but at least Francis has started.

        “We really don’t know how the long term use of these medications may effect the brain. We’re doing a kind-of public health experiment on hundreds of millions of people around the world, without really understanding the long term effects.”

        Gosh, that’s not what my doctors told me seventeen years ago. They claimed they “know everything about the meds.” And Allen Francis should know that, in practice, if you don’t accept the diagnosis and the pills. The psychiatrists will diagnose you with anosognosia too, and violently force treat you.

        The psychiatrists and doctors have a “double bind,” or a Catch 22, system set up. Today’s psychiatric system is a gas lighting system, too. I even had a criminal doctor who called himself “Doctor #22,” in my medical records. It strikes me the doctors thought they were clever, but in reality, that was a “delusion of grandeur.” I do pray to God all will be judged fairly some day.

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      • Whatuser

        Yes, medical ethics expert David Rothman got to the bottom of his promotion of Risperidone in the mid 1990’s and Paula J Caplan via Jim Gottstein brought it to us.

        Allen Frances’ Paid Role in Creating Psychiatric Epidemics:


        The truth is here:


        That is an extremely important document for antipsychiatry. Download it, save it, use it to inform the public.

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  2. Dear Dr Allen Frances (If you’re reading),

    I sent this Statement (below) in January 2012 to Galway University Ireland and the Clinical Director of the Psychiatric Facility sent me over my notes in August 2012.

    Near Fatal Modecate Pg 1

    Near Fatal Modecate Pg 2

    When I stopped taking the disabling “medication”, I stopped taking Disability Benefit – Permanently.

    I can explain how Psychotherapy can replace these drugs – but the problem as I see it would be more of a Withdrawal Syndrome type Problem (and most people withdrawing would suffer from the same phenomenon, I’d imagine).

    In simple terms:- When I stopped the Fluphenazine I began “Catastrophising”. I noticed that, when I could level off completely – there was no problem. But levelling off completely meant “surrendering” which was extremely difficult.

    If a person recovers from a severe “illness” as a result of stopping “treatment” then they can’t suffer from the severe “Illness” can they?

    Alternatively, my Historical Consultant Psychiatrist Dr PA Carney would be too Psychopathic to represent any “Mental Health Diagnosis”.

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  3. Why doesn’t Allen Frances take a stand against the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the UK then? I mean officially, like in an open letter or something. The RCP is in total denial about withdrawal from antidepressants, and they recently deleted the results of their own research into the matter because the results were not in favour of the drugs, which put them in a difficult position since ‘The Lancet’ had just spread the lie that “antidepressants work” and that “we should prescribe them 6 times more than they are prescribed now”. Dr. Frances should act now and support all those who sent a complaint to the RCP. He should also demand that ‘The Lancet’ retracts Cipriani’s article, the lies it tells, and the dangerous message it gives to society. Antidepressants ruin lives. That is the opposite of saying that they “work”.

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