Suicides Have Increased. Is This an Existential Crisis?


From The New York Times: “Empirical studies bear this out. A felt lack of meaning in one’s life has been linked to alcohol and drug abuse, depression, anxiety and — yes — suicide. And when people experience loss, stress or trauma, it is those who believe that their lives have a purpose who are best able to cope with and recover from distress.

How do we find meaning and purpose in our lives? There are many paths, but the psychological literature suggests that close relationships with other people are our greatest existential resource. Regardless of social class, age, gender, religion or nationality, people report that the life experiences they find most personally meaningful typically involve loved ones.”

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  1. If you want to know why people die by suicide you must know the phenomenolgy of the psyche, and stop talking about external hardships all the time, because hard life/ hard work is never as hard as touching the death in psychological world, internal world. And there was only one psychologist who write about the phenomenology of suicide/psyche and it was James Hillman in “Suicide and the soul”. His best book is “Re-visioning psychology.” The best book of the millenium. Psyche it is not a brain, brain it is only a TV screen, and the program belongs to psyche, not to normalcy, theologians or psychiatry. And authoritarians must obey to the laws of the psyche, not the psyche to barbaric apollonian mind, which result in creating of the chimera of the psychiatry AND BIOLOGICAL PSYCHE BS, which means that psyhe does not exist at all or it is some kind of brain illness which is destroying the “proper healthy apollonian system of “normalcy” “——-ILLEGAL HUMAN PSYCHE IN THE THEOLOGICAL FAKE WORLD. ANd psychiatry is a creation of psyche haters and the least psychological, remeber about this fact.

    Psychiatry/theologians and materialistst know nothing about suicide and the phenomenology of the death in the psyche. God IN THE BIBLE, never say anything about that suicide is a sin, it is a theologians fantasy.

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