Horrific Deaths, Brutal Treatment: “Mental Illness” in America’s Jails


From The Virginian-Pilot: “The Virginian-Pilot tracked the cases of 404 people with mental illness who have died in America’s jails since 2010. The total number is likely much larger, but it’s untraceable – what little information the federal government keeps on jail deaths does not accurately track the mental health of inmates.

These deaths are symptomatic of a bigger problem – how the country’s criminal justice system treats some of its most vulnerable citizens, those with a mental illness.”

Caution: video has graphic images.

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  1. It is an advertisement TAC
    They are fighting over who gets to jail the prisoner. or Who gets the money to jail-control the prisoner.

    From the article
    ” In 1955, state mental institutions had about 558,000 beds. There were 337 mental hospital beds per 100,000 people in the United States, according to a 2016 study by the Treatment Advocacy Center.

    Far too few smaller community facilities opened to make up the difference. Today, there are roughly 12 beds per 100,000 people.”

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    • If you commit a crime it’s in your best interest to be tried as an ordinary criminal instead of opting for a shrink to declare you not responsible for your actions.

      1. You will only be tried for crimes you have actually committed–not crimes you MIGHT commit in the future according to the clairvoyant shrink.

      2. The sentence will be shorter.

      3. They won’t forcibly drug or shock you. As punishment these are considered torture and our legal system would not allow them.

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