Teen With Autism Locked in Solitary Confinement, Fed Through Hatch


From i News: “Bethany is 17 years old. She is a girl who likes Bob Marley’s music, spending time with animals and being outside. Her father says she is the funniest girl he has ever met. But this teenager has not felt the sun or the wind on her face for nine months. And she rarely laughs. Instead, she is shut away in solitary confinement behind a locked door, fed three times a day through a hatch like a dangerous creature in a zoo.

She is obese from inactivity and has diabetes. Her small cell is furnished with just a foam bed and chair. Sometimes she gets books or colouring materials. Other times, a television is wheeled outside the big glass window. Her father finds visiting his daughter ‘horrific’ as he walks into the seclusion area and sees a row of rooms, often full of distressed young women. ‘Do you remember that scene in Silence of the Lambs when the agent Clarice Starling walks down the corridor to see Hannibal Lecter?’ he asked me. ‘Well, it’s like that.’

You might assume Beth has carried out some terrible deed to be locked up like this for the past 21 months. Even her father must kneel to speak with his daughter through the metal door’s hatch. But she has committed no crime. Instead, she is a victim of a callous state that treats a slice of society with cruelty and contempt. For this teenage girl has learning disabilities. And like scores of others, she has been left to rot by an inadequate health service while politicians break promises to help, and bureaucrats bicker over funding people in dire need.

Beth has autism, suffers extreme anxiety and cannot cope with stress – yet instead of being helped to enjoy life she is shut away in dismal seclusion. This has led to self-harm; a bit of a ballpoint pen stabbed in her arm was left there for weeks, removed only after this tragic teenager’s case was highlighted in a haunting edition of Radio 4’s File on Four. She uses ligatures made from her clothes, so staff strip off all she is wearing. The cruelty of her case spotlights shameful Westminster inertia. And, yet again, it shows how little this country cares about citizens with learning disabilities.”

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  1. Winterbourne View The Abuse Exposed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOlojIcEE4s

    “Even her father must kneel to speak with his daughter through the metal door’s hatch.”

    I don’t know why the parents don’t use violence against the people abusing their children, all they have to do is follow these people when they leave the place and confront them on even ground like in a parking lot if they stop at a store and the way home from this hell hole. Follow them home and do what ever. Normal rules of civility don’t apply to perpetrators of child abuse.

    You beat someone to a bloody pulp as long as they don’t die at most if you are really unlucky you are going to only get a few years in jail for assault and wile in jail your status will be real high among the other inmates if your “crime” is attacking a child abuser so it wouldn’t be that bad.

    It may be politically incorrect but I put some of the blame on the parents for allowing their children to be abused and not taking action.

    Institutional child abuse would end tomorrow if staff feared running into family outside the safety of their hell holes.

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      • I AM GOING TO SUE THIS PLACE !!! If that worked shouldn’t institutional child abuse only exist in history books at this point ?

        Ask that attorney about “Defense of Third Person”

        “Defense of a third person justifies the use or threat of physical force or deadly physical force only while the danger continues, and it ends when the danger ends. The force used may not be greater than reasonably necessary to defend against the danger.

        Actual danger is not necessary to justify the use of physical force or deadly physical force in defense of a third person.

        The use of physical force or deadly physical force is justified if a reasonable person in the situation would have reasonably believed that immediate physical danger appeared to be present. https://lawofselfdefense.com/jury_instruction/az-raji3d-4-06-%E2%88%92-justification-for-defense-of-a-third-person/

        I am just stuck on the idea that families need to have an obligation to defend their own even if you have to take one for the team and do some jail time. I guess what I am really stuck on is the idea that families are allowing this to happen, don’t just cry on some documentary and hope public cares, its not my job or the publics job in the end its yours, step up and do something its your family member.

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