5 Things to Know as Calif. Starts Screening Children for Toxic Stress


From California Healthline: “Starting this year, routine pediatric visits for millions of California children could involve questions about touchy family topics, such as divorce, unstable housing or a parent who struggles with alcoholism.

California now will pay doctors to screen patients for traumatic events known as adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, if the patient is covered by Medi-Cal — the state’s version of Medicaid for low-income families.

The screening program is rooted in decades of research that suggests children who endure sustained stress in their day-to-day lives undergo biochemical changes to their brains and bodies that can dramatically increase their risk of developing serious health problems, including heart disease, asthma, depression and cancer.

Health and welfare advocates hope that widespread screening of children for ACEs, accompanied by early intervention, will help reduce the ongoing stresses and skirt the onset of physical illness, or at least ensure an illness is treated.”

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  1. As a survivor of high ACEs, I’m appalled and deeply saddened for California’s children and families who will be targeted by this program. After decades of continual assaults of welfare programs, the government is now going to directly target families and children for “interventions” which will likely greatly expand the number of children who are removed from their homes. This is the most backwards way to “help” and is completely consistent with the current harmful ways we “help” children, individuals and families.

    I grow ever more ashamed to call myself an American.

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  2. Bad idea. What drugs will they push on these ACEs survivors? None of the psychiatric drugs help cure distress or concerns about child abuse or other adverse childhood events. Because such societal issues are NOT a “chemical imbalance” in a child’s brain, that can be “cured” with drugs.

    “Health and welfare advocates hope that widespread screening of children for ACEs, accompanied by early intervention, will help reduce the ongoing stresses and skirt the onset of physical illness, or at least ensure an illness is treated.”

    Dealing with the reality that child abuse, and other adverse childhood events, happen is NOT an “illness.” Child abuse is a crime, not an “illness.” And it is love that helps a child abuse survivor heal, not drugs, and certainly not the systemic, child abuse covering up, “mental health” workers.


    And the “mental health” workers better change their DSM, if they’re now targeting ACES survivors. Since right now NO “mental health” worker may EVER bill ANY insurance company for EVER helping ANY child abuse survivor EVER, unless they misdiagnose them all with the “invalid” DSM disorders, by DSM design.


    My child was able to heal from child abuse, because I got him away from the molesters pretty quickly. I kept him away from insane psychiatrists, who believe the best way to help a child abuse survivor heal is to neurotoxic poison him. And I kept the insane school social worker – who believed that once my child had healed, and went from remedial reading, after the abuse, to getting 100% on his state standardized tests, that she had to get her grubby little hands on my bright and well behaved child at that point – away from my child as well.

    Bad idea, California. Keep the systemic, child abuse covering up, “mental health”/social workers and doctors away from the ACEs survivors. Child abuse is a crime, not an “illness”! And love, not drugs or therapy, is the cure.

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    • “We’re doing this because we care about your child and want them to grow into healthy adults.”

      That was the opposite of my family’s experience. And the opposite of what another pediatrician has since said to me. Since she confessed to me that the doctors can’t stop DSM defaming and neurotoxic poisoning our children, because doing such is “too profitable.”

      And a psychologist also confessed to me that attempting to murder the best and brightest American children is the goal of the “mental health” workers. Since the primary goal of our “mental health” workers is to maintain the status quo.

      Where they are given free reign to defame, torture, neurotoxic poison anyone they want, outside the law, and for any unsavory reason they please, like covering up child abuse.

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  3. Just a hopeful guess, but I wonder, would it at all be possible, and is it in any way whatever soever even slightly just a little bit, not too much a bit just a little bit, that I might just endeavor to maintain that having to sit in school many full wonderful hours a day, probably without a pillow to make one too comfortable, probably having to ask to use a bathroom rather than it becoming a hideout, probably a great percentage of the time having to do things that are so necessary they don’t occur automatically which would make one’s mind consequently quite overloaded with possible attempts of distraction that further more should be labeled as inappropriate, that this might possibly would consequently relieve the great concern with those doing these wonderful amazing interventions for young people!?

    For example, when I chimed in about anti-depressants on the bus, because a man said his doctor had advised him, and he mentioned how he used to have a foster care facility there where the famous Columbine shootings took place, and that those two boys would play pool at his facility, and told how they were bullied in school, how the Principle said to go to the Sheriff, and the Sheriff said to go to the Principle, and when the ring leader of the two told his doctor that his new medications (Luvox) were making him have angry hateful thoughts towards just about everyone (his girlfriend, his friends, his parent, etc.) that when the doctor told him to just keep taking them, and so many weeks later the famous incident occurred, that we don’t know who this wise doctor is for his own protection, that the court case was thank GOD paid off by the drug companies (the case against the most wonderful anti-depressant), that the one boy that spoke out against this (which truly concerns me) ended up taken great care of in a foster care facility helped by psychiatric treatment for a chemical imbalance (on medications that left him unable to put the wrong things together that would have otherwise occurred by some fault), that, if I may assume, now such a thing, is all going to be put further into such protective measurements now in California where there will be an amazing reduction in such mass shootings!?

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  4. Given that we have not acknowledged that “biochemical changes” happen to everyone and given that we only see negatives in certain styles of child rearing and certain styles of behaviour, this only leads us further into clutches of power, power of those who also had biochemical changes in their brains, which led them be part of the circus that removes children for their own good, and then treats them for their unique differences.
    We really don’t have to keep trying to improve what we have.
    It was all wrong to begin with, not as an animal species, but if we want to be known to ourselves as having some brain cells capable of creating an illusionary better world, then we need to reconstruct.
    This is purely a disguise.
    We have ALL been affected by our upbringing.
    I suggest instead of questions, we should just weigh those chemical imbalances.

    If psychiatry would drop every pretence, perhaps we could all get somewhere.

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