Waterboarding of Detainees Was So Gruesome, Even CIA Officials Wept


From the Los Angeles Times: “Human rights advocates have repeatedly denounced the torture program as ineffective and brutal. Joseph Margulies, a law professor at Cornell University who once represented Abu Zubaydah, said the brutal methods helped numb America to wrongdoing.

‘[Psychologists] James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen conceived, designed and executed the first officially recognized torture program in U.S. history,’ Margulies said in an email. ‘It is one thing that they are utterly unapologetic; that is a commentary on them. But it is something else altogether that so much of the rest of the country is utterly indifferent; that is a commentary on us. A wrong that escapes public condemnation is no wrong at all. Worse, it invites not simply repetition, but expansion. Yesterday, we tortured men in cages because we thought they had done something wrong; today, we torture children at the border knowing they have done no wrong at all.’

He added: ‘Do not be seduced by linguistic lightfootedness and ask whether this really is torture. I refuse to play that game. Instead, I encourage people to ask themselves this: Would you recoil in horror if you saw the same things done to a dog? If you saw a dog strapped to a board and nearly drowned, again and again, would it make you cringe and wince? Would you turn away and demand that it stop? If so, then it is torture, and we should call it what it is.'”

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  1. “Instead, I encourage people to ask themselves this: Would you recoil in horror if you saw the same things done to a dog? If you saw a dog strapped to a board and nearly drowned, again and again, would it make you cringe and wince? Would you turn away and demand that it stop? If so, then it is torture, and we should call it what it is.’”

    I think the term used in the defintion of torture is “extreme” physical or psychological suffering. Which if course is subjective.

    That’s why they do it in locked wards with no cameras and ensure that the staff are desensitized to the ‘treatments’. I can bear witness to the indifference of the public regarding my governments use of known torture methods. Having the proof means the whole community turns their back on you while they deal with their little problem. And of course with hindsight I get why you all turned your back on me, because you don’t want to be next.

    So weep not for me but for yourselves.

    I know I had nothing to confess, which was figured out eventually but …. in the meantime they need to keep torturing until they can justify the torture. And should you complain about it, you will be subjected to negligence by authorities charged with protecting the public, fraudulent documents being distributed and then slandered with stigmatising labels while they systematically “fuking destroy” you (to quote the Operations Manager who investigated my complaint and then distributed the fraudulent documents that no one seems to want to address. Really, you people are happy to allow this type of fraud to occur?)

    Abu Zubayah underwent 83 sessions of waterboarding and I don’t believe any useful information was obtained. Unless of course one considers the information obtained from others who were afraid of being subjected to this ‘treatment’ counting. Is terrorizing suspected terrorists terrorism? Lol

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    • It is important to keep in mind that the first child abuse case was brought by the SPCA on the theory that children should be treated at least as well as dogs. Protection of women from abuse came 100 years later than children. We have always afforded pets more compassion and rights than humans, at least the humans that we have decided don’t deserve to be considered human.

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  2. That explains why in my State the penalties for abuse of a “mental patient” are half what they are for abuse of an animal. And while there have been cases of animal abuse put through the courts, there has never been anyone charged and convicted of abuse of a mental patient, despite plenty of cases where the public have been outraged by what has been done to certain individuals.

    Of course when you start torturing citizens and concealing these programs from the public by doing cover ups were in a different league. I notice that the video recordings of Abu Zubayahs’ waterboarding have been erased. I’m sure this will stop any future President making promises like those made by Obama to release all of the Abu Ghraib images and then realising what the consequences would be once in power.

    I assume the “we” you speak of is the American people? Because I want it known publically that the torture and convenience killings being engaged in by my government is not being done with my support. And the criminal fraud and negligence being used to conceal the human and civil rights abuses being done under the disguise of ‘medicine’ is possibly the most disgusting thing i’ve seen done by virtually any government i’ve had the privilige to live under. Mainly because it is getting people with good hearts a bad name.

    I mean lets be honest that these people have stood and watched while I am told by a hospital manager that she will “fuking destroy” me for making a complaint about them allowing citizens to be spiked with date rape drugs and then slandered to police by lying and saying the person is one of their patients. Okay, so they are engaging in kidnapping and torture, but killing the person for complaining? When did they pass that law? It doesn’t seem to fit with their “Mission Statement” or “Code of Conduct”? And yet 9 years on and they still sit on their hands and exclaim “we’ll what do you want us to do?” (Police asking me if I want to make a complaint after I have been subjected to gaslighting by them for 8 years being told they don’t know where their copy of the criminal code is and they best not be informed about the attempt to murder me in the Emergency Dept? I get it, it sounds insane, but what about the evidence and the proof? You know the documents they have been threatening to arrest me for having? And how can they, they can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code? So whats the offence?)

    Once they started committing these offences the State really has no choice but to continue down the path of ignoring the rule of law and conspiring to pervert the course of justice. They have a reputation to maintain (or so they falsely believe in their delusional state) And in the process exposes the frauds and hypocrites for all to see fortunately. They are now pretending that they are the good guys and dealing with the bad apples. Better do so before those bad apples tell us how they had your support not so long ago

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      • Yes, I get what you mean about “full functioning” Steve.

        I mean I get it, I was used for what is commonly called a ‘stakeout’. Some criminals within our system have been using their positions to kill a few folk and call it medicine. The State is letting them do that because they can’t speak the whole truth about this industry of death. Another doctor spots what they are going to do to resolve their little problem of kidnapping and torturing someone who didn’t have the status of “patient”. We can’t have these people being put in prison for a few killings, they are highly trained individuals. So they snatch the guy in the middle of him attempting to murder someone and put him on a short leash (along with his ‘crew’). They get the documents I have back demonstrating the kidnapping and torture and begin a process fo slandering and defaming me. Got a few friends in the police department has Prof, so tell them to turn a blind eye should I turn up with the documents.

        Of course this didn’t take into consideration that I would spot the fraudulent set at the Mental Health Law Centre, nor show them to a Member of Parliament. All fine while its the low level police committing criminal offences with their superiors support, but …..waaaa he has dragged an MP into the fray.
        “Who else has got the documents” the police wish to know by threatening a psychologist. Is there still time to put a lid on this, maybe kill a few witnesses or something? Too late.
        This the sort of corruption you see in your system, a medical mafia being given free reign to do whatever they want to whomever they want? And law enforcement with zero respect for the law?

        My government has gone from “full functioning” to comatose in 1.4 seconds flat lol. I do now understand what the head of the AMA was saying regarding the euthanasia of “patients” requiring a sophisticated knowledge of the law. Like me, you just set people up and meet the requirements of the law and finish them off in an Emergency Dept. Police are quite happy to act on evidence that has been planted on persons to manipulate outcomes. Ask my wife, or the psychologist who is releasing confidential information about peoples medical records from a private clinic. They certainly know how its done. Have the public system lackies think they are priviliged to be obtaining such confidential information and we’ll just keep that little secret between us eh? No need to have the “patient” aware we are conspiring to commit offences against them, we’ll just drug them into oblivion should they complain.

        Is there a point of paying thousands of dollars to have your medical records distributed unlawfully by a private clinic to the public system? And shouldn’t the public be made aware that they have no right to confidentiality of their medical records? A loophole one could drive a Mack truck through?

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