Against Psychiatry


From IAI TV: 

“Psychiatry has spent the last 100 years asking what’s wrong with people, but might it be more informative to ask what’s happened to them? Clinical psychologist Richard Bentall discusses the role of trauma in the emergence of mental health conditions like schizophrenia and adult psychosis, and calls for a refocusing on prevention, instead of treatment. In this new series of in-depth interviews, the IAI asks leading thinkers across philosophy, science, politics and the arts about the new ideas that they think are most significant, and about what the future has in store. More from this series Psychologist Lucy Johnstone discusses the issues with the diagnostic model for mental health. Zoologist Zanna Clay explains how empathy is not an exclusively human trait, and what we might learn from other species.”



  1. There is an interesting new article that sheds a lot of light into this issue – it describes detailed interrelationships among all three biopsychosocial factors:

    Karunamuni, N., Imayama, I., Goonetilleke, D. (2020). Pathways to Well-being: Untangling the Causal Relationships Among Biopsychosocial Variables. Social Science & Medicine.

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  2. Dr Bentall

    I see you sampled a “medical miracle” some years ago, and that it drove you MAD.

    I sampled a lot more than you, it drove me MAD as well and seriously physically and mentally disabled me.

    I attempted to come off strong drugs in 1983 but when I did, my brain was completely broken, and I didn’t last long. I managed on my third attempt in 1984 though, with a careful drug taper; and through a similar ‘psychotherepeutic process’ – as described in “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer and “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

    Dr David Healy did not administer the Haloperidol I consumed in 1980/81, but he was around at Galway in 1984 when I moved towards independance.

    Dr Healy provided me with a professional Letter at Bangor, Wales in 2018 stating that he was confident I had never originally suffered from “Severe Mental Illness”. This was exactly what the Irish Priest I had visited in Central London in 1980 had also maintained.

    What Happened to Me?
    I spent the Summer of 1980 in Amsterdam but there is no mention of this on the English side of my Medical Records ¿¿¿

    In 1986 Pharmacology Professor at Galway University Brian Leonard was President of the British Association of Psychopharmacologists.¿¿,

    In 1985 my Psychiatrist at Galway, Dr PA Carney was on the examining board of the UK Royal College of Psychiatrists.¿¿

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    From: [My Email Address – Removed]


    Sent: Friday, 16 November 2018, 00:42:07 GMT
    Subject: Att. All Partners and Dr Baluch

    Dear Sirs/(Madams)

    In your Letter dated October 17 2018 – you seriously misrepresent me.

    My trust in Newton Medical was broken in October of 2012 when (to my horror) I discovered my name had been on a Severe Mental Illness Register since 2002. At this time (2002) I had been working as a Building Subcontractor in the **House of Parliament Buildings (and can substantiate this).

    On October 8 2018 I explained (and showed ) to the Reception Manager and to Dr Baluch at Newton Medical, that at my last appointment on **July 20 2016 Dr Simons had given me in writing a sheet of paper from the Appointment Notes stating that – “he could see no reason that I could NOT work on a Building Site” . While at the same time Dr Simons had provided me with another sheet of paper from a “Legal Adviser” (July 20 2016)

    (which made reference to the historical 1986 Irish Record Summary) but also at the the bottom of the page stated – that I had a “Diagnosis of Schizophrenia…” and “had NOT DISPUTED this diagnosis..”.

    I explained on October 8 2018 that I had shown and discussed both of these contradictory statements received in July 20 2016 with a Building Health and Safety Officer who advised me to get this contradictory situation resolved – as the medical suggestions could undermine my credibility, and could affect me in the event of an accident on a Building Site.

    I have not suffered any disability in my 30 years in the UK; but Medical Claims of Present day Severe Mental Illness are invalidating. I presumed Newton Medical (promoting the disability) to be the first place to approach – this is why I called to the Surgery on October 8 2018.

    When I clearly demonstrated the Malpractice properties of the 1986 Irish Record Summary to Dr Simons in two interviews in October/November 2012 – at the end of both of these interviews Dr Simons shirt was completely saturated and sticking to his body (he was genuinely traumatised).
    But, there is no mention anywhere on my records of this Malpractice.

    I made Full Recovery in 1984 as a Result of carefully tapering from the Modecate Depot Injection with the help of Practical Psychotherapy – and returned to normal life and independence.

    Recovered 1

    Recovered 2

    Adverse Drug Reaction Warning Request Letter sent to Galway Nov. 8 1986

    ADR Request ltr Pg 1

    ADR Request ltr Pg 2

    ADR Request Ltr Pg 3

    The Irish Record Summary dated November 24 1986 was Sent To UK In Response:- but WITHOUT Requested ADR WARNING

    Irish Record Summary Pg 1

    Irish Record Summary Pg 2

    Wellness Presentation at Galway in November 1980, according to Dr Fadel

    Dr Donlon Kenny False Reasurrance Letter November 1986

    Near Fatal Modecate Experience 1.

    Near Fatal Modecate Experience Pg 2

    Dr Allen Frances (DSM IV) 1983

    “…Significant symptoms of akathisia occur in:

    around 20% of people on an antidepressant.

    at least 50% of people on an antipsychotic. On higher doses, this rises to 80% or more..”

    “..Around half of people on antipsychotics develop the condition…”

    “…..Neuro-psychologist Dennis Staker had drug-induced akathisia for two days. His description of his experience was this:

    “..It was the worst feeling I have ever had in my entire life. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy…” ”

    Drug induced Akathisia is medically acknowledged to cause suicide.

    “Depot Antipsychotic Revisited Research Paper 1998” From Galway Psychiatrist Dr PA Carney.

    About 4 out of 10 of the people on these drugs will attempt Suicide.

    I notice that both Dr Simon Gordon and Dr Balucha are on the GP Commissioning Governing Board.

    Yours Sincerely

    [My Name – Removed]

    **[July 20 2016 Dr Appointment

    2003 Hse of Parliament Subcontractor ID Card

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  4. Dr Richard,

    Against Psychiatric Treatments

    I don’t see it as a question of “Either/Or”, as most people that consume strong psychiatric drugs are likely to remain longterm psychiatrically disabled (costing the country about £75,000 per person per year or about £3 million per person, in the course of their lives, if they live long enough).

    In the past 36 years I have cost the Irish/Uk taxpayer nothing in Mental health terms – as a result of carefully leaving psychiatry.

    If “basic psychotherapy” works with “neuroleptic withdrawal syndrome”, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with “original problems”.

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