Do Antipsychotics Protect Against Early Death? Or Contribute to It?


From Psychological Medicine: Editor Robin Murray stirs a debate on the impact of antipsychotics on mortality among those diagnosed with psychotic disorders. The published articles include:


  1. Robert Whitaker is correct. The antipsychotics /neuroleptics can create “psychosis,” a positive symptom of “schizophrenia,” via anticholinergic toxidrome. The antipsychotics / neuroleptics can also create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome.

    And I know I have a broken heart, likely caused by neuroleptic induced damage. But maybe caused by my disgust at the systemic crimes continuing to be committed against humanity, by both the scientific fraud based, “invalid” DSM deluded, psychological and psychiatric industries.

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  2. I remember being amazed when this famous “Psychiatrist”

    died prematurely in 2007.

    In this recent Biography…

    Brendan Kelly & Muiris Houston
    “Psychiatrist in the Chair The Official Biography of Anthony Clare”
    4.0 out of 5 stars (13)

    …its claimed Dr Anthony Clare (towards the end) had suffered from “Depression”. I wonder if “medications” might have caused his heart attack at 64 years of age.

    (As I got older myself I had to stop taking even minuscule “medication”, because of the heart rhythm problems the “medication” was causing).

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  3. So we are using “early death” as the magic word that will make the public believe in the “treatments”? As being a good thing?
    Even if there was such a thing, a thing to prevent “early death”. Can this then be forced upon people?
    Can we be forced to live?
    I can guarantee that if someone was not making money from your body, it would be ignored.
    And to boot, the ONLY area a person would get “treatment” is in the “antipsychotic” area.
    Study after study reveal that people who have a psych diagnosis do NOT get the medical attention they need or want. So it leaves them to die or suffer needlessly from very real conditions and diseases.
    So it seems that not only are “anti-psychotics” bad for you, but so is the “diagnosis”. NO it’s not stigma, it’s discrimination.

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