APA Apologizes for Longstanding Contributions to Systemic Racism & Human Hierarchy


From The American Psychological Association: “As part of the nation’s historic reckoning on racism, the American Psychological Association has apologized to communities of color for its role—and the role of the discipline of psychology—in contributing to systemic racism.

The association’s governing Council of Representatives adopted an apology at its meeting Oct. 29, acknowledging that APA ‘failed in its role leading the discipline of psychology, was complicit in contributing to systemic inequities, and hurt many through racism, racial discrimination, and denigration of communities of color, thereby falling short on its mission to benefit society and improve lives.’

‘APA is profoundly sorry, accepts responsibility for, and owns the actions and inactions of APA itself, the discipline of psychology, and individual psychologists who stood as leaders for the organization and field,’ the apology states.

The resolution, which passed unanimously, acknowledges that ‘the governing body within APA should have apologized to people of color before today. APA, and many in psychology, have long considered such an apology, but failed to accept responsibility.’

The apology credits a broad cross-section of APA’s members, including elected and appointed leaders, for bringing the apology to communities of color to fruition. The effort included soliciting public comments and conducting listening sessions and surveys. The work was spearheaded by the APA Task Force on Strategies to Eradicate Racism, Discrimination, and Hate and its five-member Apology Advisory Subcommittee, composed of eminent psychologists who were chosen for their knowledge and expertise.”

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  1. Not before time!

    I was reading about the Nanjing rapes last night. 20,000 raped women and children. I am sure dispicable heirarchical thinking does not help women either.

    The leading medical journal in Britain recently suggested in all seriousness that women be called bodies with vaginas. People with vaginas might have been preferrable… but no no ….it is “bodies”. Im not sure why not “bodies with uteruses” or “bodies with XX chromosomes”.

    The more organizations wriggle out of historical negligance the more they want to clean their slate by employing language that has no emotional traction to it. Not even a velcro patch of pubic hair to hang a research fellowship on.

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  2. “WHEREAS APA recognizes that traditional diagnostic methods and standards do not always capture the contextual and lived experiences of people of color” – nor even white people – especially those women and children who’ve experienced child abuse and/or rape crimes.

    And since covering up child abuse and/or rape crimes is the number one actual societal function of all the DSM deluded “bible” believing industries – including the mainstream Christian religions, and their “social service workers,” that have “partnered with” the DSM “bible” believing psychologists and psychiatrists – like my childhood religion.


    And all these systemic child abuse and/or rape covering up crimes are by DSM design.


    I’m quite certain both the American Psychological Association, and the American Psychiatric Association, and their religious “partners,” owe the world similar apologies to all women and children – of all colors, including white – who stand against child abuse and rape. Especially now that we’re all living in a “pedophile empire,” with child sex trafficking running amok.


    “THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that future APA actions could also include targeted interventions to benefit other groups that have experienced systems of oppression, including those based on religion, sex, class, sexual orientation and gender diversity, and disability identity.”

    I agree. Especially since the entire DSM “bible” believing, big Pharma worshipping, psychological and psychiatric religion is an iatrogenic illness “disability” creating religion, and “Human Hierarchy” creating religion.


    I’m quite certain more apologies are needed, even to white woman and children – and a changing from one’s evil ways – by the DSM “bible” believers. Especially given the scientific fraud based nature of all DSM “bible” believers’ belief system.


    And unless this ‘changing from one’s evil ways’ includes getting rid of the psychiatric DSM “bible,” and its sick, systemic child abuse and/or rape covering up DSM religion’s crimes against women and children of all colors – including white. I see no actual change by the psychological industry.

    But I will say, as one who has read up on the psychological/social worker crimes against native Americans and blacks, I do know this apology by the APA is long past due. It’s just not nearly enough of an apology, nor enough of a changing from your industries’ evil ways, without your flushing your systemic child abuse and/or rape covering up, DSM “bible.”

    You’re not “professionals,” if you know nothing about the common adverse and withdrawal effects of the drugs your psychiatric partners in crime force onto innocent others, for nefarious reasons, psychologists.

    More apologies, and changing from your evil ways, is needed psychologists … you must also apologize, even to the innocent white mommies. Who you had your psychiatrist “partners” try to murder, via anticholinergic toxidrome, to cover up child abuse for your paternalistic religions.

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  3. The entire last paragraph is pure self congratulations. They just can’t resist.
    APA has so much blood on its hands. The sad thing is that there are many who will be fooled by this and think it’s a step forward. Oh look Psychiatry is woke now. Now they will help people of color the way they help everyone else!!!
    I contacted the APA once after I found out that my psychiatrist of 6 years, who had prescribed everything from Prozac to Wellbutrin to klonopin to Adderall to effexor and everything else back when those drugs first came on the market… As he threw up his hands at the end of 6 years of drugging and said he didn’t know what else he could do for me and my treatment resistant depression, he passed me on to a colleague of his who recommended electroshock treatments. When that colleague, a highly regarded Yale psychiatrist, asked me to ask the psychiatrist of 6 years to send along my records, that’s when I found out that he had not kept any records. No record at all of all the drugs he had prescribed or anything about the sessions that I paid out of pocket for once a week for 6 years. Nothing. I thought the APA would want to know about this but all they said to me was that unless I could definitively prove that his failure to keep records had caused me serious harm, there was nothing they could or would do. No apology for me for that or any of the other awful things they did that destroyed my life. They are a bunch of thugs.

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    • “They are a bunch of thugs” is a nice way of putting it.

      Anyway, I personally read that apology and got annoyed.

      See I have been around the block a few times, you might say. I’ve strayed away from those portions of society where only “nice” upper middle class people live, and associated with some of those who would be regarded as part of the underclass. As well as, to be honest, a very wide diversity of people.

      Because of that, I have seen a much larger portion of our world than most upper middle class “nice” and “respectable” college educated yuppies have seen.

      The definition of racism currently being bandied about today is that very definition which is most accessible to being understood by such yuppies. And is most likely to resonate with them or at least garner their support without provoking any of their ire.

      What should I say? I tend to get so disgusted, I often can’t help but be sarcastic about it. Let us just say, all “nice people” can agree that the blue collar Irish police officer who is a bit rough around the edges shouldn’t have taken his gun out and shot the “Noble Savage” black man with impeccable credentials for virtuousness — e.g., no occasional partying with illegal drugs and no melodramatic former relationships with women who will badmouth him.

      Well, guess what? Those are the easy cases to be anti-racist over. However, the vast majority of cases where police shoot black men are ones where — well, ok, shootings are not the most common problem, the really bad problems are false accusations and wrongful arrests and convictions and all that. And, guess what? The vast majority of men harmed by that unfortunately happen to suffer from “toxic masculinity” which the APA goes apeshit denouncing in hysterical tones.

      Which I am going to say IS systemic racism. And it’s sneaky systemic racism too.

      And, you know what? Maybe I should go and say, if they can dish it out, they can take it. The APA are made up of men who are not, I would presume, “toxically masculine,” are they?

      What are they instead but a bunch of slimey slippery sneaky worms who are like pond scum and like slithering sniveling Uriah Heep of David Copperfield?

      America is, above all, an overly litigious society where lawyers rule. And what do lawyers say? Lawyers say, well if nobody can prove it in a black and white way, you are entitled to get away with it. Which is, of course, a legal concept. Guess what? Racism is not a legal concept and people have a right to call things racist which are other than black and white violations of political correctness and which also includes sneaky insidious stuff.

      Except, of course, academic institutions and large corporations with in-house legal counsel wouldn’t like that. Because they are masters of all the sneaky insidious stuff — unlike their business competitors, the small mom and pop business owners without extensive legal educations.

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