When HVN Ireland Meets HVN Athens

Chairperson of Hearing Voices Network Ireland Owen Ó Tuama on the joy and power of community for voice-hearers across the globe.

Can We Talk About Spirituality? The Medicalization of Transpersonal Experiences

Even social work and psychotherapy rarely leave space for lived experiences of spirituality, though it instills hope, strength, and meaning.

Deconstructing the Word Trauma: What Does it Mean Today?

"Trauma" is a pandora's box of a narrative. Most writings on the subject emanate from the Global North. Is trauma the 'same' in the Global South?

When the Help Becomes Part of the Problem

The feeling of being institutionalized and medicated over minor ailments is difficult to shake. I have been to countless therapy sessions attempting to deconstruct the feelings of dehumanization into digestible morsels.
Closeup shot of a figure in blue/green scrubs holding a pile of paperwork and folders

Is Public Psychiatry Responding to the Mental Health Crisis or Just “Treating the Chart?”

What sense did it make that he had been through hundreds of pages of notes worth of treatment and yet was still essentially un-helped?
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Psychosis Treatment: Numbing the World of Spirit

In my experience, antipsychotic drugs aimed at “managing” schizophrenia work by numbing the individual’s sensibility to the world of spirit.


International online survey on the positive and negative effects of ECT, for patients and their loved ones. Please see here for more information.

Art, Poetry, and Humor Galleries

View the artwork, poetry, and humor galleries and submit your work here!

Survivor Affirmations
by Karina Hagelin

Demedicalizing Depression: An Interview with Milutin Kostić

Justin Karter interviews Milutin Kostić on the fundamental flaws in depression research and its neglect of human complexity.

Leaving Biological Psychiatry Behind: An Interview With Rodrigo Nardi

Rodrigo Nardi is a psychiatrist and psychologist. He obtained his psychology degree in the year 2000, and following that, he obtained a certificate in...
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Maryland Enacts a “Draconian” Assisted Outpatient Treatment Program

Advocates vow to keep resisting psychiatric force, fighting for rights-based supports

The New York Times Is Now Engulfed in the STAR*D Scandal

The New York Times published yet again the fraudulent result from the STAR*D trial. Will the mainstream media ever tell of this scandal?

Context and Care vs. Isolate and Control: An Interview on the Dilemmas of Global...

MIA’s Ayurdhi Dhar explores with Arthur Kleinman how healthcare systems often overlook personal stories, focusing on treating diseases rather than individuals. Discover why this renowned Harvard psychiatrist and medical anthropologist believes in restoring humanity to medicine.

Giving Caregivers a Platform: Meagan, Mother of Matt

A mom describes her son's descent into the harms of psychiatry—and his way out. "It was really difficult to watch Matt decline. He had given up hope that he could get well."

Social factors behind mental suffering, according to new study

A recently published study highlights how adverse social conditions can increase vulnerability to poor mental health over the life course. These conditions, strongly influenced by structural factors passed on across generations, focus on the need to understand and address social factors for better mental health.

Don’t call me a therapist

"I'm not a therapist. I am only a conversational partner with certain, specific knowledge that can sometimes be very useful. Conversations can be encouraging, give hope and motivation, increased acceptance or possible alternatives for action."

Morbid states, body wear and tear in contemporary life. Conversation with...

This is the first part of the conversation we were able to have with Dresda Méndez about her book Morbid States, corporal wear and tear in contemporary life, which just a couple of months ago celebrated its first year of being published.

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