Sunday, August 14, 2022

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Updates on critical psychiatry postings across the Internet.

“Benzodiazepine Withdrawal as Told by a Woman in the Midst of it…”

A stirringly told story of benzodiazepine withdrawal. Beyond Meds adds helpful information and links, as well. Beyond Meds →  

“A Toast Story”

Giulietta Carelli started the Trouble Coffee & Coconut Club and, inadvertently, San Francisco's craze for artisanal toast.  "More than a café, the shop is a...

“A Solution That Now Looks Crazy”: Review of E. Fuller Torrey’s American Psychosis

The New York Times reviews E. Fuller Torrey's book, American Psychosis, concluding "Few will disagree with his advice that we should focus our resources...

“The Influence of the American Mental Health Paradigm Cross-Culturally”

DXSummit details the ways that the American approach to mental health care has spread around the world, concluding "Perhaps it is time to start...

“Misuse of ADHD Label as Symptom of a Broken Health Care System”

Pediatrician Claudia Gold writes "The economic reality of primary care practice, due in large part to the administrative costs of managing a huge array...

“Integrated Models in Psychiatry: the State of the Art”

An editorial in Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology explores status of the "tenuous" relationship position of social psychiatry, "given psychiatry's primary orientation to the...

“Statistical Terms Used in Research Studies; a Primer for Journalists”

Harvard University provides this primer on basic statistics; helpful for anyone trying to parse daunting research studies. Article →

“Behaviour and Biology: The Accidental Epigeneticist”

Nature tells of Richard Tremblay, who explores the effects of trauma and aggression on the life course — and beyond, through the influence of epigenetics. Article →

“The Geel Question”

Aeon Magazine asks, "For centuries, a little town in Belgium has been treating the mentally ill; Why are its medieval methods so successful?" Article →

A History of Lobotomy

Beyond Meds provides a link to a valuable history of lobotomy, which asks the question of "how a damaging and useless treatment could be...

“What The Hell Is Actually Going On?”

A cogent, insightful blog by MentalHealthCop reviews the literature for and against psychiatric treatment, including Creating Mental Illness by Allan Horwitz, research by Richard Bentall,...

“Porous Diagnostic Boundaries: A New Emphasis for the Bulletin”

Schizophrenia Bulletin wrestles with its identity and mission in light of current challenges to the diagnostic categories. Article →

“I Overmedicated my Kid: No, it Isn’t ADHD — Big Pharma’s Attention Obsession Puts...

Physician Daniela Drake writes on Salon that "When we rush to prescribe boatloads of Adderall, we miss lesser-known disorders holding kids back. I know...

PLoS Reviews Joanna Moncrieff’s “The Bitterest Pills”

Seena Fazel from the University of Oxford Department of Psychiatry reviews The Bitterest Pills: The Troubling Story of Antipsychotic Drugs by Joanna Moncrieff for...

“Improved Mental Health Treatment Won’t Impact Mass Shootings or School Killings”

John Grohol of PsychCentral explains why, while "some well-meaning folks believe that all we need is 'better mental health treatment,' and suddenly we will...

“I Overmedicated My Kid: Big Pharma’s Attention Obsession Puts Children at Risk”

Daniela Drake, MD, writes on Salon about her son's misdiagnosis of ADHD - later found to be an auditory processing disorder and an allergy...

“The Pharmaceutical Industry and the Fight Against Gun Control”

Paul Woodward of Beyond Meds critiques the Washington Post's report on the reduction of gun control, and increase in mental health-care budgets, following Sandy...

“Serotonin Deficiency May Not Cause Depression After All”

Salon magazine reports on an article in October's Translational Psychiatry that finds "rather than a shortage of serotonin, a lack of synaptogenesis (the growth...

Thomas Insel on “A New Approach to Psychiatric Research”

Thomas Insel, in an interview for the Boston Globe, discusses the historical tension within psychiatry about "being medical," saying "Freud himself was apoplectic about...

“What to Ask Your Doctor Before Going on Antidepressants”

Roger Colvin, PhD, considers the problem of withdrawal from antidepressants for the Huffington Post. Article →

“Operate on This Mother so That we can Take her Baby”

The Telegraph reports on a pregnant Italian mother who, having flown to England for a two-week training had a panic attack which lead to...

“Nonconformity and Freethinking Now Considered Mental Illnesses”

From The Unbounded Spirit, which "was created with the sole purpose of providing valuable and interesting information that will provoke its readers to get into...

“Alleged Perils Of Left-Handedness Don’t Always Hold Up”

An NPR blog critiques the reliability of a study that found an increased risk of schizophrenia diagnosis among left-handers. Article →

“An Overabundance of Caution”

Under Canada's Mental Health Act (MHA), police respond to anonymous calls expressing concern about a person's mental health, often leading to that person's detainment...

“Psychosis Risk Syndrome is Back to Haunt Us”

Allen Frances adds to his catalog of DSM-5 mistakes with the return of the controversial - and ultimately rejected - "Psychosis Risk Disorder", under...

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