mental health awareness

Building a Culture of Mental Well-Being

We used to turn to family, community, and religious/philosophical teachings to ease our despair. Now, one is expected to turn to psychiatrists and therapists. With depression rates rising throughout the world, modern society must find a way to enhance the individual’s capacity to build a meaningful, satisfying, and self-actualized life.
LGBT sexuality and sanism

Madness, Sexuality and Legacies of Strategic Sanism

There has been little engagement between the survivor and LGBT movements despite a shared interest in critiquing and resisting the normalization project of the psy disciplines — that is, psychiatry and psychology’s clinical categorization of what is ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ or ‘healthy’ and ‘sick’. Why might this be?

Psychiatry’s Necessary Shadow: The Philosophy of Mental Illness

In this piece for Medium, Andrés Ruiz explores the reasons that psychiatry is the only medical speciality with an anti-movement and a history of sustained criticism....

Forgetting Fanon, Remembering Fanon

In this piece for Verso Books, David Macey discusses the legacy of Frantz Fanon, a Martinican psychiatrist, philosopher, and revolutionary, in honor of his 92nd birthday.

The Secret History of Emotions

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: The classical view of emotion, which asserts that emotions have distinct and universal facial expressions, bodily patterns, and brain circuitry,...

“The Miseducation of Frank Waln”

Studies of modern Native Americans have shown that “historical trauma,” the name that social workers give to the perception of historical loss passed down through...

Study Examines Women’s Experiences of Hearing Voices

An international group of researchers from multiple disciplines has published a historical, qualitative, and quantitative investigation into voice-hearing in women. The interdisciplinary project, freely available from Frontiers in Psychiatry, explores how sexism, exploitation, and oppression bear on women’s’ experiences of hearing voices.

“The Rise of Mad Studies”

Mad Studies is emerging as a new academic discipline in Canada and proponents are challenging popular conceptions of “madness” and the medicalization human experiences.

Electro-convulsive Therapy At Age Six: “I Couldn’t Remember Children Who I’d Played With”

-MIA Blogger Ted Chabasinski is featured in an excerpt from Richard Cohen's "41 Days An Unfinished Documentary."

This Most “Denigrated” of Professions: Lieberman Interviewed On NPR

-Former American Psychiatric Association president Jeffrey Lieberman talks about "the most distrusted, feared and denigrated of all medical specialties."

Sunday History Channel: 1,000 Case Records from Victorian Asylum Released

The Wellcome Library has digitized and publicly released for free viewing the complete records of over 1,000 people who were incarcerated at the Ticehurst...