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  • Hi Terry, I agree with your point of view. Understanding family dynamics and of course the effects of trauma should be essential training for all therapists. Please take a look at my EMDR self-help program at: This not-for-profit program downloads to a phone or computer. If you write to me at: [email protected], I will send you the link for a free download. You will find it can accelerate your work with all your clients. Take care, David B., LCSW (retired family and trauma therapist).

  • Hello Samantha,
    I appreciated your summary of the research, however I had some points of disagreement. There is no disagreement about the need for cultural sensitivity by therapists treating people in another country. However, the essence of EMDR therapy is not cultural, it is biological. The healing effect of EMDR is the creation of the REM brain state. This happens most nights in deep sleep. One brain researcher called REM brain state as a “dishwasher for the brain”. It is in this state that the brain works on and tries to process to resolution all that happens that is traumatic. The huge benefit of EMDR is that this is the first time in history that the brain is conscious and aware and in control when it is in an REM state. So now the healing can be more directed and does not involve the confusing creativity of the unconscious. All humans have some trauma in their lives. The kind of trauma that is most effectively treated by EMDR is universal to being human. Violence, Crime victimization, childhood abuse, rape, sexual assault, death of a loved one are experienced in every culture. To those who care enough about others to try and provide mental health care, I say you deserve gratitude. I will be contacting EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program to offer to them my EMDR self-help program, for their free use. The program, (Self effective – Rapid Eye Movement) is a downloadable program that is classical music and guided imagery, studio recorded, to provide Bi-lateral stimulation to the brain. It has so far helped people in 28 countries, as diverse as Thailand, India, Turkey, Argentina, and all of Europe. It is universally helpful beyond cultural limitations. If you would like to write to me, send an email to [email protected]. Take care, David B., LCSW (retired trauma therapist).

  • Hi Stefanie, I am impressed with what you have done and are doing. I am an advocate of self-help. If you google Se-REM (Self effective – Rapid Eye Movement), you might imagine how it could aid your efforts. If you email me at: [email protected], I will send you a link for an “eternal” email link that never expires. The free download is my gift. You are welcome to give it away to as many people as you like. Best regards, David Busch LCSW (retired trauma therapist).

  • Hi Fiachra,
    Thank you for commenting on my post. It is discouraging that all the other commenters merely ignore what I have written. is a not-for-profit program that intends to disrupt all of psychotherapy delivery. Many people have written to say it works better than their years of therapy. It has worked when nothing else has. It needs to be widely adopted and mainstreamed. Even though its main objective is not treatment of depression, the root cause of many depressions is untreated trauma.

  • Hello Dr. Gotzsche,
    I am also interested in changing Mental Health Delivery. I trained in a County Psychiatric Hospital and worked as a therapist for 40 years. My ability to effect change was quadrupled when I trained in EMDR. But this system of therapy is rigid and extremely expensive. I learned that it can be done as self-help. REM brain has a potential for healing that is just being discovered. There are dozens of programs that are available. But they all are limited to just providing Bi-lateral stimulation and do not incorporate other therapies. Se-REM (Self effective – Rapid Eye Movement) uses hypnosis, EMDR, Mindfulness, Music Therapy, Gestalt Child Within Therapy, and Awe Therapy (connecting profoundly with Nature), to make it much more effective than other programs. I am looking to give the whole project away to some institution that will use it as a template to develop similar programs that will target
    specific traumas. Se-REM has shown extreme effectiveness in treating childhood abuse, sexual trauma, military trauma, crime trauma, medical trauma, domestic violence, and even phobias. Please Google search Se-REM. It has a 95% trustworthy rating. I will respond to an email from you with the link to a Free download. Please write to me at: [email protected]. Respectfully, David Busch, LCSW (retired trauma therapist).

  • Hello Chelsey, Wow, that is a long history of suffering. It is stories like yours that move me to offer to you a program that for many has provided relief when years of therapy and medication have not helped. This downloadable program is in use in 26 countries and my hope is it will serve as a template for future therapists to change mental health delivery. It is Se-REM (Self effective – Rapid Eye Movement). If you write to me and tell me you want it, I will send you the link for the free download. [email protected]. Take care, David B., LCSW (retired trauma therapist).

  • Hello Fiachra,
    I completely agree! The world is just discovering the power to heal through experiencing Bi-lateral stimulation of the brain while visualizing traumatic events. There are dozens of self-help programs that help people do their own therapy. Se-REM (Self effective – Rapid Eye Movement) combines elements of 6 different therapies, but the heart of it is EMDR Bi-lateral stimulation. Its origin story was published last month in madinireland and July 2, 2021 in madinamerica. It is in use in 26 countries.

  • There is some irony that it is Fear that keeps many people from trying Se-REM, and the program is great at reducing all Fear and instilling confidence. There are a few hours left that if you email me I will reply with the link to a Free download, [email protected] If you do not have the courage right now to try it, you can get the Free download and wait until you have the courage. Here is one person’s response who wrote to me.

    David Busch I purchased this in May and have been to scared to try it. I decided to try it the other day and I was pleasantly surprised. It was beautiful and you did a fantastic job! I’ve only done it once, but I plan to do it again! Thank you for doing something like this!”

  • Hi boans, and all others,
    I am sorry to hear that your religion disapproves of music. Music therapy is one of the 6 elements of Se-REM. It uses Classical music. I find that the mind wanders during Classical music, and that is what helps a person deal with their memories. The music was carefully chosen for its therapeutic effect. It begins with relaxation, and Claude Debussy, transitions to Bach for introspective visualizations, goes to Vaughn Williams for inspiration and ends with Vivaldi for energizing self-empowerment. Since bones is not able to partake of the offer, I am extending this to all the participants on this thread. In the next 24 hours, if you email me at: [email protected], I will reply with the link to the free download. Just please write me back after you have done it twice to let me know about your experience. You can keep it and use it for the rest of your life. Take care all, David B.

  • Hi again boans,
    This is in reply to your last comment. There was not a “reply” box on it so I am replying to your earlier comment. I am touched by your story and injustice. If you are willing to try something new, I would like to give you the gift of the program. I have given it away hundreds of times so please do not feel awkward. If you write to my address: [email protected], I will reply with a link for a free download. I only request that you write to tell me how you experience it. Take care, David B.

  • Hi Steve, Thank you for commenting. In a regular in office therapy session a person might emote for 10 minutes and then becomes self-conscious. Many people have reported to me that they have cried through the whole hour program. Se-REM is perfect for EMDR research because there is no variability. It is the same program each time. When it has been done (by mistake) without headphones, and no Bi-lateral stimulation, there is very little result. When done again properly the results are as one therapist wrote to me “astonishingly therapeutic”. I would love for some University to do the research. There are many extremely positive reviews and I will just pick one. “Alyssa B.
    I’ve done this self administered emdr and have had only good results thus far. The first time I did it I cried, feelings I didn’t know I had came to the surface and I had actually done a lot of processing with the first session in several areas. The next day I felt a bit jittery and a little down as I was still processing but the day after I felt this weight lift off of me. I tried revisiting one of the traumas in a second session and I didn’t have any strong emotional reactions to it. I look forward to using this program for the rest of my little and big T’s. I wanted to throw it out there that this has already been life changing for me and I am hopeful that it will help me process all of my traumas. I have done emdr with a therapist in clinic before and I prefer to do this at home. I feel at home I’m allowed to ugly cry, I don’t have to hide and I can allow all my feelings to surface in a safe environment. I do encourage people to have coping skills when starting to process in case you get too overwhelmed but the music itself is calming and there’s a relaxation exercise as well. I have tried years of therapy, have had therapists say they don’t know what to do with me, medications, endless doctors appointments and so many self help techniques and books and while they all held a place of helping me, this is the one thing that’s made a lasting difference so far. I can’t describe the hopelessness and desperation for relief I felt before being introduced to this. I hope you guys are able to give it a try, my world was getting smaller and smaller with agoraphobia (can’t leave my house alone) too and social anxiety, some of my family are saying how well I’m doing and just months ago they were telling me how I needed to dump my therapist and find better help lol… I know everyone has that one thing that will help, this is it for me and maybe could be for you too.”

  • Hi anotherone,
    You are exactly right. I did not expect Se-REM to be more effective than an in office EMDR therapy session, but reports tell me that it works better. There is no self-consciousness and one person wrote to me to say she could “ugly cry” with no one there to judge her. Also, you can do it as many times as you want in any week. Once you have it, I encourage you to share it for free with others. I also give free consultations to all who use it. Take care, David B.

  • Hi Boans,
    Thank you for referencing my article contribution in madinamerica. It explains the origin of how this self-help EMDR program was developed. For those on here who want to change the Whole system, this program has the potential to make seismic shifts in mental health delivery. It is impossible to get the attention of research institutions. Note I wrote to Dr. Shields (and many many others) and never get a reply. My only hope is to generate interest in regular people, and when
    it gets known I can find some organization I can donate it to. I am 73 and want to bequeath it so it can continue to help people long after I am gone. It has been sold in 26 countries and never had a single negative review. Some people say it is the only thing that has ever helped them. Not a cure, but most certainly helpful. Thanks for responding, David B.

  • Hi all, I have followed all the comments, the justifiable anger and frustration at the system. I am disappointed that there are no reactions to my not-for-profit alternative treatment to mainstream mental health treatment. (Self-help EMDR therapy at: This is a pro-active attempt to provide out of the mainstream humanistic experience that people report works better than seeing a therapist. Is there any interest?

  • Hello Dr. Shields, I greatly respect your courage of being so honest, and for the amount of work you have done to heal. I am retired now, but was trained at an exceptional County Mental Health Hospital in Des Moines. It was humanistic and we were able to provide care at the highest level. Later, I worked in the County Hospital in Phoenix and had a very different experience. Many psych hospitals while not abusive, provide little real therapy. Patients are left to “heal” by being away from their stressors, and of course are medicated. I would like to give a self-help EMDR program to all inpatients so they could use these non-productive hours and do some significant healing. As a patient advocate, you will be more able to see the value in this if you would accept the program as a gift. If you write to me, I would be pleased to send you the free link. Take care, [email protected]

  • Hello Mr. Scott, I enjoyed your article, but the orientation of your solutions are part of what has made therapy less person oriented and more pseudo scientific. This march towards specificity is probably inevitable, but also doomed by the complexities of human beings and their relationships. It is a little like trying to scientifically determine best parenting. It will always have competing theories. Some of what makes therapy stilted and de-humanized is this attitude that it can be measured. So that contributes to demands for measured results and for time limited treatment, and therapists who put more value on technique over relationships.
    While it is beneficial for therapists to be educated, it is a misunderstanding to think it is only therapists who provide emotional healthy growth. This is also the role of friends, spouses, relatives, teachers, doctors, every person who gives another person a more accurate way of seeing themselves or of reality. What may be one of the most important features of the therapeutic relationship is that the therapist needs to be healthier than the client. Unfortunately, very many seriously emotionally wounded people turn to become counselors and are too easily triggered by their clients or do not have the depth of nurturing that would be needed. The statement in your article that I most enjoyed………..”How do we move forward? Psychological therapy needs to get back to basics by listening to clients’ narratives with a sense of reverence before helping them to consider reframing and reimagining their future.” Take care, David B., LCSW (retired trauma therapist at:

  • Hello Iva,
    I very much enjoyed reading your article. I share the same perspective. Mental Health delivery needs to change in a Humanistic direction.
    I believe the brain has a natural mechanism for dealing with stress and trauma. Francine Shapiro documented her revelation about the healing effect of REM Brain activity in 1989 in the Journal of Traumatic Stress. This was one of the greatest moments in the history of psychology. She developed EMDR therapy, and then grew it into a Worldwide organization worth multi-millions. Therapists are trained in it at the cost of thousands of dollars. They then charge their clients one to three hundred dollars per session. Meanwhile those without the financial resources (the majority) are unable to get this treatment that for many are completely life changing. Untreated trauma is likely a percentage of most human tragedies, most murders, assaults, domestic violence, child abuse, suicides, addictions, road rage, many medical conditions have roots in untreated trauma. The brain’s attempt to deal with these traumas is REM sleep. But, just as the body needs outside help to aid the immune system when it has an infection, so we will take an antibiotic, the brain needs additional stimulus and longer sessions of REM brain activity to diminish the effects of stress and trauma. There are many programs that deliver REM audio stimulation of the brain to help people heal. This is just the beginning of the awareness that many people can heal themselves without spending thousands of dollars. Take care, David B., LCSW (retired trauma therapist at:
    Self effective – Rapid Eye Movement)

  • Hello Marcie, Thank you for sharing your compelling story. I have seen some of the best and worst of psychiatry. As a co-therapist in a therapy group I witnessed a psychiatrist challenge a participant to follow through on his threat to commit suicide. I was young and a new hire and powerless to confront the Director of the Dept. I was appalled, and then tormented when the young man followed through. I have also been a witness to kindness and competence.
    When I moved from Iowa to AZ. I was shocked that most mental health hospital treatment was mostly just “milieu”, a kind of resting place. But, it is such a lost opportunity to do serious work. So much has changed in the field over time. One change is the loss of importance in understanding Family Dynamics. Of course this is what makes most people “crazy”. That lack of understanding has lead to over-medicalizing mental health.
    Would you accept a small gift? Your writing is surely an advocacy for improving the mental health of others. I hope to do the same. My not-for-profit project allows people to do their own therapy. It often shocks people with the amount of help it provides. If you google my name, or the program, Se-REM, you can read all about it. I give away the link to download it as often as I am asked.
    Take care, David Busch, LCSW (retired trauma therapist).

  • Hello Dr. McLaren, I enjoyed reading your article and agree with all of it. I am a retired psychotherapist and still have hope of changing the mental health delivery system to rely less on drugs. Francine Shapiro discovered the beneficial effect of Bi-lateral stimulation of the brain, but she did not achieve the potential of this discovery. Conscious Rapid Eye Movement has a life restoring ability to dissolve the emotional effects of past traumas. She created an institution that graduates therapists who charge $100 to $250 per session. Yet REM is a natural state in the brain. One researcher called it a dishwasher for the brain. This needs to be available to millions of people at no or low cost.
    When I developed a Self-Help version of EMDR, I decided to focus on earlier childhood trauma. But the program has been used for CPTSD, panic attacks, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, grief, generalized anxiety, medical trauma and even Police, Military and Crime Victim abuse. It is my hope that my not-for-profit program can serve as a template and someday programs will be developed to address every one of these traumas more specifically. Meanwhile, word is slowly spreading that for many people this program is a life saver. Please take a look at the website, where it is downloadable at: You have a much bigger platform to initiate change in this system. Please write to me and allow me to give you a copy. I welcome your participation.
    Take care, David B., LCSW (retired trauma therapist).

  • Hello Dr. Sorensen, I enjoyed reading your extremely well written article. I agreed with every element of it. As a training psychotherapist many years ago I wandered into a training film for Doctors created by the Pharmaceutical Industry. The point of the film was to warn Doctors about misunderstanding the cause of the depression in the female example in the film. Even though the woman in the film presented with a history of the death of her Mother, a divorce and an ongoing physical illness, the film asserted the REAL cause of her depressive symptoms was a chemical imbalance. I left the film with an open jawed shock at the misinformation, and an understanding of why so many doctors are ill equipped to see their depressed patients accurately.
    I completely agree with your writing about how and why people deny their own emotions and how and why this creates “symptoms”. I actually created a self-help EMDR program that is in many ways ahead of its time. This is a not for profit project and my vision is that future clinicians will take up this template and create self-help recordings that are specific to various traumas. My program focuses on childhood issues but it has been used by the military, domestic abuse, medical trauma, and grief. It is incredibly effective in all those instances. I see that your primary focus is in drug abuse rehabilitation. Please consider giving this program a trial. Most drug abuse occurs in reaction to trauma, and this program has saved several lives. Would you accept one as a gift and to do your own little research? You can write to me at:[email protected] The program is downloadable to a phone or computer at:

  • Dear Mr. Whitaker, You wrote an impressively researched article. Thank you also for publishing my article in MIA in July, 2020 titled, “A Self Help Version of EMDR May Make Healing From Trauma Easier”. When I first developed Se-REM and experienced client’s unprecedented reactions, I knew that this program could change Mental Health Delivery Worldwide. Your article makes a strong case that traditional drug therapies are counterproductive. Se-REM is a totally natural therapy using the brain’s own mechanism to heal. Yet, No One in an establishment position has given it a chance, even experimentally. One client wrote to say it is a “genius creation”, another therapist wrote to say it is “astonishlngly therapuetic”, another wrote to say I should be given an award. Others merely report that it changed their lives. It takes a lot of time and effort to write your extensively researched article that is a justfiable criticism of the system. But, consider being an advocate for something that could change all of mental health. It is the anti-medication model that you might help replace our current system. The following is a telling of a recent experience with the program. Hello David! I’ve been thinking SO much these past weeks in writing back to you and sending my testimonial, so I’m super glad that you’ve reached out to me 🙂

    I’m from Argentina, South America, so I speak Spanish but hope my feedback is clear enough (and anyway I believe my English is very good hehe).

    So, David, how can I really say THANK YOU from the depths of my heart for what you’ve done. My life is improving in so many ways. Take a cup of coffee or your preferred beverage because I’m going to tell the full story (when we clear trauma, our inner voice starts to speak more and more unapologetically and from love):

    I found Se-REM as a result of my internet research on trauma and bilateral stimulation, because I’ve been working with a therapist and see some really good results, and this year I’ve been learning so much on trauma and what actually works, and let me tell you (I know you know), your stuff WORKS.

    My situation was (and I’m still working on it): anxiety, had anxiety attacks (or panic) and ptsd. My nervous system tends to dysregulate and I feel extremely sensitive and even psychic or “empath” to the extreme in those moments.

    I listened to the full audio one time for the first 4 days, and yes, how important it is to have a GOOD CRY, just me and my inner child being ourselves. I highlight this because it is very good to be able to cry with no one else more than my own awareness and love witnessing.

    One of the main things that I’ve been able to develop with your audio is a high awareness of the Conscious and Subconscious minds working together. In the second part (when you instruct us to be there as adults for our inner childs), I feel like the brain starts to integrate so quickly, that I feel my inner child and ME (the conscious mind) melting into ONE. This is one of the greatest gifts and lessons that your work enables to actually DO (that phrase we all know “LOVE YOURSELF” is actually and technically this (again I know you know): the conscious holding all the emotion of the subconscious and letting it unfold the magic behind it, the truth of who we are).

    There’s one thing I would like to appreciate too: the specific music you’ve chosen for each part of the process. As a music lover, even though I appreciate classical music but I don’t use to listen to it, your selection is just outstanding, I felt like it speaks about your own loving soul, who you are, and what you know you are meant to do on Earth, this is my particular feeling.

    Each time I did a session, I was able to release a lot of stress and integrate my psyche more and more. I did it recalling memories and also just focusing on how I was feeling or a certain recurring thought, in all of the cases it worked wonders. I also added a bit of the tools I have in my personal kit to keep reprocessing (EFT and other forms of bilateral stimulation called “One Eye at a Time”).

    I believe deeply David, that your work has to be spread around the world, not only in English but in as many languages as possible. What you’ve done is amazing. I’m already talking about your page when I speak to other people on Facebook groups, I feel like I want to scream to the world “People! This is what you are craving for!!!”.

    This work is so needed, so required, there’s so much healing to the nervous system of the collective that needs to be done, that your tool / work could help so much, because this is the foundation where all true wellbeing and creation can be done.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you David!

    Any other questions, I’m here to collaborate!!!


    From Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Hello Donna, I am a retired trauma therapist who dealt multiple times with parents who had grief over losing a child. These were the most heart wrenching sessions. It is hard to realize the depth of grief when just using your imagination. When it really happens, the pain for most people is hard to describe. Yet at the same time, it has something in common with the experience of all people who have Trauma. There is a great deal of difference in the ability of people’s brains to process trauma. Some process and let go of trauma more easily than others. I have come to believe that the brain needs help to process grief or trauma. What helps the most is processing grief while the brain is receiving Bi-lateral stimulation. This is so easy and natural, and it has shockingly effective results. I have advanced EMDR training and put it into a self-help program in a not for profit download. Please write to me so I can arrange to give it to you for free. You are also welcome to give it away for free to as many others as you think would benefit. Read about it at: Please write to me at: [email protected]. Take care, David Busch, LCSW (retired trauma therapist).

  • Thank you Katarina for sharing your experience. That is an incredibly powerful story. I made the transition from my work in 2 Mental Health Hospitals from thinking that Diagnosis was essential, to years of private practice to thinking it was irrelevant. I am sorry that the system added to your abuse. As a counselor now, working with traumatized clients, would you like some collaboration? I can offer you a program that would assist you in your work. You can download the EMDR self-help program at: Once you own it, you can give it away for Free to all your clients. Write to me with any interest or questions at: [email protected].

  • Hello Ashley,
    Congratulations on your entering the field and the well researched article in MadinAmerica. I wonder if you would like to explore doing research on my EMDR self-help program named Se-REM (Self effective – Rapid Eye Movement). Se-REM is an advanced version of EMDR therapy. It is more powerful because it combines elements of 6 different therapies, EMDR, hypnosis, mindfulness, Gestalt child within work, music therapy, and Awe therapy,(connecting profoundly with nature).
    It has helped thousands of people overcome PTSD, and anxiety. But it is also helpful in a great many situations, loss of any kind, grief, and even marital counseling. It’s mission statement is “Trauma relief at as close to free as possible”. It downloads to a smart phone or computer and can be used in an office or at home. Read about it, hear samples, and download at: I would be happy to be of service to you.
    Take care all, David B. LCSW

  • “Hi Jennifer, Such a compelling article and history. I am a retired therapist and can relate to having experiences with insensitive psychiatrists. I appreciate your achievement of coming to fully accept yourself, and especially your emotional self. I have also been a contributor to Mad In America in the July 2, 2021 edition. It was titled, “A Self Help Version of EMDR May Make Healing From Trauma Easier”. I loved your writing. Would you consider a brief exchange of emails? You can write to me at: [email protected]. Take care, David B.”

  • Hi Novembre, Thank you for the nice comment. I hope the others who have commented also have a chance to see this. I am a brand new reader of madinamerica and did not know there were comments, otherwise I would have participated. Anyway, there have always been some push back by some people, many knowledgeable people who have various objections to Se-REM. I think this happens any time boundaries are pushed. More significantly, Se-REM has received exactly zero criticisms from anyone who has done the program. We have gotten nothing but positive comments and appreciation. Se-REM is in use in nearly all 50 States, and in 14 foreign countries. The science behind why Bi-lateral stimulation of the Brain is so healing will continue to be studied for many years. I am definitely not a scientist, but I appreciate it. Knowing what different parts of the brain are involved has never helped me be a better therapist. Van de Kolk has said Researchers make terrible therapists, and therapists make terrible researchers. I am humble enough to say developing Se-REM felt analogous to a country nutritionist discovering a cure for cancer. Even if all his clients were cured, it would be almost impossible to get accepted. I am grateful to madinamerica for giving Se-REM this chance.