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New Algorithms Fail to Predict Antidepressant Treatment Outcomes

Researchers suggest that because most antidepressant “success” is due to the placebo effect, they may never find a way to predict outcomes.

Mental Health Apps: AI Surveillance Enters Our World

While the developers are promoting the apps as a public health initiative, they are effectively an AI that would be snooping on you at all times—ostensibly coming to know you better than you know yourself. And ultimately doing so for commercial purposes that will expand the psychiatric enterprise.

Experts Raise Ethical Concerns About Machine Learning in Medicine

The use of machine learning algorithms (known as artificial intelligence) in the medical field raises a slew of ethical concerns.

Is Artificial Intelligence Too Dehumanizing to Succeed?

From AlterNet: "Giving corporations powerful and manipulative technology tools to intrude even more deeply into the personal lives of consumers and employees and then analyze...

The Quantified Heart: The Cultural Impact of Artificial Intelligence

From Aeon: "Murmuring in their soft voices, Siri, Alexa and various mindfulness apps signal their readiness to cater to us in an almost slave-like fashion....

Sleepwalking Towards Artificial Intimacy: How Psychotherapy Is Failing The Future

From Forbes: Artificial intimacy has long been a science fiction fantasy and now programs appear that say they deliver it in bits and pieces: a...

Does My Algorithm Have a Mental Health Problem?

From Big Think: As our algorithms are increasingly being made in our own image, they are at heightened risk of experiencing "mental health problems." "Take the...

Remembering Marvin Minsky and Artificial Intelligence

Radio Boston remembers Marvin Minsky, MIT professor and founder of the artificial intelligence field. “Most importantly, Marvin Minsky changed the way think about the...